ResMed AirMini F20 Setup Pack with HumidX F20

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ResMed AirMini HumidX F20 Setup Pack

The ResMed AirMini HumidX F20 Setup Pack allows you to connect your AirMini (not included) to 2 full-face CPAP masks, either the ResMed AirFit or AirTouch F20 masks. This setup pack includes:

  • The AirMini F20 mask connector
  • The AirMini F20 mask tubing 
  • ResMed’s HumidX™ F20 waterless humidification

This setup pack does not include the masks or machine. You must purchase your AirMini Travel CPAP Machine and your choice of mask separately: The ResMed AirFit F20 Full Face CPAP Mask or the ResMed AirTouch F20 Full Face CPAP Mask.

This setup pack is also compatible with the For Her versions of each mask:

AirMini Mask Connector for F20 Models

This connector is unique to any other CPAP connector, only compatible with the AirMini masks and machine. The connector is intended to replace the original connector that would come with your mask. Make sure, though, that you keep your original mask connector for when you are using your daily CPAP machine. 

AirMini Mask Tubing for F20 Models

The AirMini tube is 6 feet and 2 inches (1.9 m) in length with an inner diameter of 0.6 inches (15 mm). This length provides ample movement and minimal space for drag on the mask. This breathing tube also has an elbow adapter specifically made to attach F20 full face masks to the AirMini portable CPAP machine. 

Unique HumidX Waterless Humidifier 

This setup pack includes the HumidX F20 cartridge, a waterless humidification system. To use, attach this cartridge to the inside of your mask cushion. This filter provides moisturized air throughout your CPAP therapy by soaking up and capturing heat and moisture from your exhaled breath. This humidification solution is more straightforward than water and heated humidification solutions and has fewer steps and upkeep.