Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy discussed here outlines how handles the personal information provided to us for services. This policy applies to our website and any other sites in which a link to the policy is shown at the end of the page. Some related sites operated by may be regulated by a differing policy. The policy listed at the bottom of every individual page will govern that site. By entering the website and accepting the User Agreement and Privacy Policy, you are expressing your consent to allow to use, store, disclose, and collect your information as outlined in this policy.

Our Privacy Policy will be effective immediately for new users.

Collection of Data

You have the right to browse through our website without providing any of your personal information. If you decide to provide our site with personal information, your anonymity no longer exists. At this stage you have consented to the storage and transfer of information to our U.S. based servers.

The following information is allowed for storage and collection by

  • Contact information, including names, phone numbers, email addresses, and physical addresses
  • Financial information or credit card information to verify identify or for the payment of purchases
  • Information about transactions and your site activities
  • Billing, shipping, and other important information regarding your purchase delivery
  • Information or correspondence sent through our sites, or any correspondence that you sent to us
  • Other information regarding your activities with our services, sites, advertising, page view statistics, connection, computer, IP address, site traffic, ad data, and information from standard web logs
  • Other third party information, including prescriptions, demographics, traffic data, and credit checks in the event that you incur a debt with


The purpose of our personal information collection is to provide an effective, simple, secure, and personalized site experience. By using this site, you are giving your permission to utilize your information in the ways outlined below:

  • To obtain the services and assistance that you ask for
  • To collect funds, resolve disputes, and provide issue troubleshooting
  • To ensure compliance with the User Agreement
  • To protect against potential illegal and prohibited actions
  • To enhance, measure, and personalize the advertising, content, and services that are offered by and our related sites
  • To give you information about policy updates, website updates, special offers, and other communications
  • To review information to ensure accurateness, and to verify this information with relevant third parties

Third Parties 

At, we will not share or sell any of your information with a third party for their advertising purposes. However, we are able to combine your personal information with data obtained through these third parties, and we can then utilize it in order to customize, enhance, and better our advertising, content, and services. We can also conjoin this information with data received from related websites for similar purposes.

The Privacy Policy outlined in this document only applies to the disclosure and use of information that you provide us. If you have provided your personal information to others using any of our other sites or other sites on the Internet, these rules may not apply, as we cannot control privacy policies imposed by third parties.


At, we offer a newsletter that is delivered via email to customers or site users that have subscribed to receive them. We try to ensure that this newsletter is compliant with CAN-SPAM, but we do not guarantee this compliance. You can unsubscribe from this newsletter whenever you desire.

Your Information Disclosure

There are some reasons in which we are able to disclose your personal information. These include enforcing our policies, responding to legal obligations, responding to a claim that a customer review violates one or our policies or rights, and to protect the safety, property, and rights of other users. Your personal information may also be shared in the circumstances listed below:

  • Your information (including information that is personally identifiable) may be shared with our affiliates, subsidiaries, and related websites.
  • There are some individuals and organizations who are under contract with and called "business partners" who from time to time, are engaged in the improvement or financial enhancement of our business.  So that your information is protected, however, we require any business associate to appropriately safeguard your information through the use of a business assocates agreement.
  • Your information may be shared with third parties that have been contracted to assist us with business operations like bill collection, fraud investigations or product delivery.
  • Your information may be shared if required by local, state, or federal law. If required by law enforcement, administrative, or judicial proceedings, only the necessary information required for the specific proceeding or request will be released.

If were to merge with another organization, or should we be acquired, either in whole or in part, your information will be included as business assets and would therefore be transferred to the new organization. This includes if business assets were transferred or sold to a new or existing entity. We would request that a new entity follow the outlined Privacy Policy in regards to your information, and you would be notified on this website immediately if this event were to change the Privacy Policy.

We will make every attempt to respect your privacy, and we will never reveal any of your information to law enforcement, government agencies, or any other third party without the presence of a subpoena or court order. The exception to this statement is if we believe, in good faith, that the disclosure of this information could prevent financial loss or bodily injury, or if we are attempting to inform law enforcement about actions that could potentially violate the law.


Cookies refer to the small files that are placed on your hard drive for a variety of reasons. We use cookies on some pages of our websites, and they work to help us evaluate web traffic to our sites. Thy also assist in the personalization of our advertising, content, and services; monitor special offers; and emphasize safety and trust. In short, we utilize cookies in order to best provide you with services.

There are a few things about cookies that you should know:

  • Some of our site features require the use of cookies.
  • We use cookies to help us identify you. This also helps to keep you logged into your account so that you don’t need to enter your password multiple times during the same session.
  • A majority of the cookies that we utilize are deleted from a browser’s hard drive at the end of the session once you have logged off of
  • It is your right to deny cookies if allowed by your web client, but please note that during so may limit or prevent access to various features and areas. It may also prevent the proper functioning of our site.
  • Cookies may be received from third parties on some of our pages that we do not regulate or control.

Alternative Communications

Emails are commonly used by as a way to contact you about your orders from our site. If you place an order, we generally send out an email confirmation and a confirmation to confirm shipping once it occurs. These communications are not optional, as they provide a necessary role in the transaction with We define these communications as transactional emails.

At times, we may also contact our customers for other reasons, and these reasons include the following:

  • Legal notices
  • User reviews
  • Special promotions regarding services and products
  • Important news
  • Product replacement reminders
  • Customer surveys
  • Other information that could potentially affect customers

If you are not interested in receiving these types of communications, please contact us via email or phone and request to alter the communication preferences listed in your record.

Phone calls that are made to may be recorded and monitored for quality assurance or training purposes. A recorded disclosure will state this message when you call a number. If you remain on the phone after this message is read, you are giving your permission for recording the phone call.

Account Protection

Accessing your account relies heavily on the password that you select. You should use unique identifiers (numbers, letters, and characters) in combination to create this password, and you should not share it with anyone. If you do choose to give out your password or any other information, you should understand that you are liable and accountable for any activity that occurs in your account. If your password becomes compromised, your personal information may become jeopardized and you may be subject to any actions that are legally binding. Therefore, if you have released or lost your password, you should notify us at immediately to change it. 


The security and protection of your information is a top priority with our site. We consider your information and any data that we receive to be a valuable asset, and we take every precaution to protect it. It is processed and stored on our U.S.-based servers that have been protected by both technological and physical measures of security. We employ a variety of methods to safeguard this information from access that is unauthorized. However, third parties often attempt to intercept or illegally access your personal information using the Internet, and this creates the possibility that intercepted information will be mishandled or mistreated. Although we attempt to guard your privacy at great lengths, we cannot guarantee that your personal information or exchange of data via the Internet will remain private at all times. Additional information about the security of your information is discussed below:

  • We utilize SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer, software to protect your information’s security during transmission. This software works by encrypting personal information sent to our site.
  • It is not recommended that you send us emails containing financial information, including bank accounts, numbers on credit cards, or any similar information. This is because emails are not usually secure, and if you do decide to send this information by email, please note that you are doing so at you own risk.
  • When confirming your order, we will show only the final four digits of the numbers on your credit card. We use SSL to encrypt the data but will transmit the entire number to the necessary card company during processing.
  • Please log out of your account when you have completed a session using a computer that is shared. This will help to protect you from unauthorized account access.

Changing and Viewing Personal Information

It is your right to chance and view any personal information when you are logged into your account. If a change occurs, you should review the information quickly. Your account can be terminated upon request, and your information will then be archived if allowed under relevant laws and based on the activity of your account. Terminated accounts are kept for records in order to collect past due funds, comply with legal regulations, resolve disputes, and to cooperate with any necessary investigations.  

General Information

We have the right to, at any time, change or amend this Privacy Policy. If this occurs, we may try to contact you via email, but there is no requirement to do so. If you have questions or comments that are not addressed online, please feel free to contact us.