Comfort & Cleaning

  • CPAP Mask Cleaner Wipes Citrus ll - 62 wipes
    Regularly cleaning your CPAP equipment is vital for your health and the condition of your equipment. That’s why Citrus II created their fresh citrus scented CPAP mask cleaner wipes for day-to-day cleaning. This cleaning alternative is simple and...
  • SoClean 2 Cartridge Filter Kit

    SoClean 2 Cartridge Filter Kit

    $45.00 $45.00
    SoClean 2 Cartridge Filter Kit This SoClean 2 Cartridge Filter Kit is for the SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaner & Sanitizer. The product includes one replacement filter and one replacement check valve. This kit is suitable for all SoClean units with "1200SC"...
  • AirSense 10 and AirCurve Adapter

    SoClean 2 Adapter

    $35.00 $35.00
    You can now use the SoClean 2 System with your CPAP and BiLevel machines with the SoClean 2 Adapter! Select the adapter that matches your device, attach it to your SoClean model, and start sanitizing. These SoClean 2 Tubing Adapters will help clean and...
  • Contour CPAP Wipes Flowpack

    Contour CPAP Wipes Flowpack

    $15.99 $15.99
    Contour CPAP Mask Wipes are great for everyday cleaning of CPAP and BiPAP masks and equipment. They contain only natural ingredients, are gentle on your hands and face and are available in four great versions -- unscented, refreshing citrus, calming...
  • SoClean 3 Cartridge Filter Kit

    SoClean 3 Cartridge Filter Kit

    $40.00 $40.00
    Cartridge Filter Kit for SoClean 3 Keep your SoClean 3 machine operating at its performance peak with this authorized Cartridge Filter Kit for SoClean 3 systems. All About the Cartridge Filter Kit for SoClean 3 Systems Keeping your SoClean 3 system...
  • ResMed Gecko Nasal Pad
    Formerly the "Sleep Comfort Care Pad," the Gecko Nasal Pad is now owned by ResMed and delivers the same comfort customers came to depend on with the Sleep Comfort Care Pad. The Gecko Pad provides an extra layer of soft padding between the nasal...
  • RemZzzs Full Face Mask Liner (30 Day Supply)
    Are you looking for an extra layer of comfort during your sleep apnea therapy? RemZzzs’ Full Face Mask Liners provide it. These liners create an active barrier between your silicone mask and your skin. They also aid in developing more effective and...
  • Nuwave CPAP Cleaner Travel

    Nuwave CPAP Cleaner Travel

    $199.00 $199.00
    Product Overview Prefer to travel light?The NUWAVE® CPAP Cleaner Travel is ideal for those on the go, which usually pack small bags. The travel option includes one compact bag with a smaller footprint to save you some space and easily fit your travel...
  • RemZzzs Nasal Mask Liner (30 Day Supply)
    AN ACTIVE BARRIER BETWEEN YOUR SKIN & YOUR MASKWith RemZzzs you place the disposable mask liner between the mask cushion and your face each night as you prepare for sleep. The revolutionary RemZzzs mask liner acts as an adaptive barrier, between the...
  • SoClean Neutralizing Pre-Wash 8oz

    SoClean Neutralizing Pre-Wash 8oz

    $15.00 $15.00
    The Neutralizing Pre-Wash is a concentrated, fragrance-free, hypoallergenic soap that neutralizes any pre-existing odors from detergents and removes any residue from the manufacturing process. It should be used to clean your equipment prior to the first...
  • Sunset CPAP Mask Cleaning Wipes Canister
    The Sunset CPAP Mask Cleaning Wipes Canister includes 62 pieces of wipes used for cleaning your CPAP mask. Oftentimes, cleaning the mask is never a priority for most users. However, do note that you breathe into your mask every night so it is key to...