Paptizer UVC LED Smart CPAP Sanitizer

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Paptizer Smart CPAP Sanitizer — UVC LED

Meet the Paptizer Smart CPAP Sanitizer, an ozone- and mercury-free cleaner that eliminates over 99% of bacteria. In only three minutes, the sanitizer goes to work to keep the odors of your CPAP mask, parts, and accessories clean and in pristine condition. Push the button, and the sanitizer will handle the rest. 

Unlike traditional bulbs, the Paptizer Smart CPAP sanitizer utilizes hospital-grade LEDs that can provide up to 10,000 hours of sanitation. You can ensure your CPAP machine and all its parts remain clean and bacteria free for a long time. 

Once you finish disinfecting, you can use your equipment immediately. 

What does this mean? The Paptizer Smart CPAP Sanitizer eliminates the wait time for you. Incorporate the ozone-free Paptizer into your CPAP cleaning routine today! 

More About the Paptizer Smart CPAP Sanitizer

The Paptizer Smart CPAP Sanitizer is widely used in hospitals across the country because it is a medical-grade sanitizing device. The device comes with 40 UV-C LEDs to help you disinfect anything that fits into the device. 

The Paptizer was lab tested and its sanitization process is proven to kill germs and bacteria like e. coli, staphylococcus aureus (staph bacteria), candida albicans (fungal diseases), and p. aeruginosa (bacteria that causes infections). 

The Paptizer consists of five sizes, including a reflection on the bottom to kill 99% of bacteria that lives in CPAP machines. 

In addition, it comes with 360-degree coverage, so it can disinfect any that fits into the device—for example, glasses, wallet, or car keys, making it multipurpose.  

The best part? The device can sanitize in only three minutes. 

Easy to Use

The Sanitizer is extremely easy to use and portable. With the push of a button, you can start sanitizing your CPAP equipment at home or on the go. 

The Paptizer is 11.89" x 10.59" x 6.06", which means it can fit various items. It also features a handle so that you can bring the Paptizer with you on the go.

To use the handle, unplug the device and connect the power supply and stainless steel rack. Once this is done, you are ready to go.


Due to the use of LEDs, the device is odorless. Along with the LEDs, the device has no odor because of the airflow and the heat. Sometimes, users experience smells that linger when they clean their CPAP equipment. However, the LEDs, heat, and airflow all work together to reduce odors. 

After washing your CPAP equipment, dry it thoroughly and then use Paptizer to sanitize and deodorize. Make sure you wait until the device beeps two times before you use the CPAP equipment again. 

So, while your device gets a cleaning, you don't need the uncomfortable smell that typically accompanies a CPAP sanitizing solution. 

Easy to Maintain 

Additionally, the device does not need any additional filters or replacements. This makes the device low maintenance and adds no stress to your CPAP setup. 

What You Get with the Paptizer Smart CPAP Sanitizer:

  • Paptizer sanitizing device
  • UV test card 
  • Instruction manual 
  • Stainless steel rack
  • Power supply

Try the Paptizer Smart CPAP Sanitizer – UVC LED Today

If you are looking for a simple and solid CPAP cleaner to sanitize your CPAP equipment, the Paptizer Smart CPAP Sanitizer is perfect.