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Travel Cases

  • ResMed AirMini Travel Case
    The ResMed AirMini Travel Case is designed with just enough space to keep the AirMini CPAP machine, without any additional accessories, protected and secured during travel.  If you require additional space, consider the Premium Padded Travel Bag for...
  • Breas HDM Z2 Premium Travel Bag

    Breas Z2 Premium Travel Bag

    $25.00 $25.00
    The Breas Z2 Premium Travel Bag is just the right size for your Z2 CPAP, PowerShell, and accessories. The Z2 Premium Travel bag protects your CPAP from shifts, dings, and bangs inside your suitcase and stores flat when empty.
  • ResMed AirMini Mount System
    This kit includes the Bed Caddy Mount and three modules: the Mattress Module, the Hook Module, and the Wall Module, along with instructions on how to properly use each to secure your AirMini Auto-CPAP in various configurations. Mattress Module: The...