Pur-Sleep Cozy Hoze Cover- CPAP Hose Tubing Cover

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Hypo-allergenic, soft fleece Pur-Sleep Cozy Hoze Cover- CPAP Hose Tubing Cover helps prevent rain-out and transform your cold, medical CPAP or BiPAP tubing into something warm and cozy to sleep with. For convenient care, Cozy Hoze Covers are machine washable too. 

Many CPAP & BiPAP users find that one of the most annoying parts of therapy is the constant presence of the cold, ugly, medical tubing that connects the user's system to the mask or interface. In addition cold hoses and tubing can cause condensation and rain-out disrupting sleep and therapy.

Soft and stylish fleece Cozy Hose Cover helps solve these problems. Each cover is stitched from soft, warm fleece to help insulate tubing and prevent rain-out. Cozy Hoze Covers are durably constructed with Velcro end straps for a secure fit.