Contour CPAP MAX Bed Pillow 2.0

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CPAPMax CPAP Bed Pillow 2.0

This Contour CPAP Max Bed Pillow 2.0 is designed exclusively for those who use PAP machines. This pillow reduces shifting and interference with the mask, eliminating leaks and noise. In addition, its shape minimizes facial pressure while providing optimal head, neck, and shoulder comfort. 

  • Weighs 2.30 pounds 
  • Standard pillow size at 20 x 13 x 5.8 inches 
  • Medium density with removable lawyers to adjust thickness
  • Foam choices: memory foam or support foam
  • Any sleep position: side, back, stomach, or actively! 
  • Quilted, high-tech cover with mesh and fiber filling
  • Cotton pillow case available separately 

Why You Need the CPAPMax CPAP Bed Pillow 2.0

  • You're struggling to use your CPAP mask regularly
  • Your mask shifts throughout the night, causing irritable leaks and noise
  • Your mask causes you to wake up in the middle of the night

You'll no longer have these worries with the CPAP Max CPAP Bed Pillow 2.0. Instead, you'll enjoy comfortable sleep all night long, every night. Use this pillow with any PAP mask!

This pillow has a two-year manufacturer warranty.

Eliminate Leaks, Noise, and Pressure

Sleep apnea therapy is intended to improve your sleeping experience. Although, sometimes, CPAP therapy requires personal adjustments to find the right sleeping experience for you. CPAP Max has designed this pillow so you won't need to worry about mask shifts and leaks, loud noises, and uncomfortable facial pressure. The unique pillow has pressure-free side cutouts and orthopedic support with a concave center, crescent cutout for your shoulders, and facial side support, improving shoulders and facial support. These design features improved comfort and compliance, making it easier to breathe and maintain positive and continual airflow throughout the night.

3D Mesh Memory Foam vs. Hypoallergenic Microfiber

The Contour CPAP Max Bed Pillow 2.0 is double-sided, offering two different sleeping surfaces. The ventilated memory foam enhances air circulation for a cooler surface on the face, while the microfiber provides a traditional bed pillow style for a soft sleeping experience. 

Adjust Pillow Thickness

This pillow has three removable layers so that you can adjust it to your preferred thickness. Layers include:

  • Top memory foam layer: This layer molds to the shape of your face
  • High resiliency support layer: This layer offers added support
  • Charcoal-infused bottom layer: This layer neutralizes odors for freshness