ResMed AirMini HumidX Plus

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ResMed AirMini HumidX Plus

If you use the AirMini travel CPAP machine in a dry or high-altitude environment and experience dry mouth or nasal passages, the ResMed AirMini HumidX Plus offers a convenient way to add moisture to the air you breathe while you sleep.


The ResMed AirMini HumidX Plus is a waterless heat and moisture exchanger for the AirMini travel CPAP machine. Its disposable cartridge is inserted into the hose between the machine and the mask. The HumidX Plus adds more moisture to the air than the HumidX Standard.


Using the HumidX Plus is simple. Just insert it into the hose and connect the mask. The HumidX will capture heat and moisture from your exhalation and release it into the air you breathe in.

Key Features of the ResMed AirMini HumidX Plus

  • No water to add or empty, making it convenient for travel
  • Ideal for low-humidity environments
  • Easy-to-replace disposable cartridge
  • Lightweight and portable for travel

Benefits of the ResMed AirMini HumidX Plus

  • Prevents dry mouth and nasal passages
  • Reduces snoring
  • Improves overall sleep comfort

Please Note

  • Not compatible with the AirMini F20 mask
  • Should not be used with heated hoses
  • Please replace every 30 days or sooner if dirty or damaged