ResMed Full Face Mask Assembly Kit - AirFit F20 for Her

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ResMed Full Face Mask – AirFit F20 for Her

Are you looking for a CPAP mask that is effective, comfortable, and compatible with your face shape? The ResMed Full Face Mask – AirFit 20 for Her is an excellent solution if you are looking for a female-specific CPAP Mask. 


Many women have smaller and more petite facial features, requiring different shapes and materials in a CPAP mask. ResMed's AirFit F20 For Her is a highly advanced full-face mask tailored for women, featuring smaller headgear and stylish lavender highlights. 


Its InfinitySeal cushion technology adapts to various facial profiles and sleep positions, ensuring a comfortable and reliable seal. The mask's flexible padded frame and plush headgear, along with magnetic clips and a quick-release elbow, contribute to an elegant design that is easy to use and a pleasure to wear.


The ResMed Full Face Mask – AirFit 20 for Her design aims to help women get high-quality sleep therapy. 


The AirFit F20 for Her includes the following unique features:

Flexible, Low-Profile Frame

The AirFit F20 For Her frame features materials designed to naturally mold and flex to each user's unique facial profile. In addition, the low-profile frame minimizes facial contact while not neglecting stability. 


As a bonus, the low-profile frame does not obstruct your field of view. In addition, the mask does not require any facial contact above the eye line. The frame also includes integrated padding inside to provide additional cushioning while you read, watch TV, or your time before bed. 


The best part? The mask's frame prevents painful red marks like pinching or pressure points. 

Created With Women in Mind

CPAP Masks are designed specifically for women for two main reasons:

  • Size & Fit 
  • Style


ResMed's AirFit F20 For Her features lavender highlights and small headgear designed specifically for women. Its open crown headgear design suits individuals with long hair and various hairstyles.


Now, you can choose to wear any hairstyle that is more comfortable for sleep when you use the AirFit F20 for Her CPAP mask. 

InfinitySeal Cushion

The AirFit F20 For Her unique full face cushion features "infinity" loops and variable thickness levels to help with the following: 

  • Reducing blowout 
  • Providing support on the sides of the nose
  • Relieving pressure at the nasal bridge 


Even at high sleep therapy pressure levels, the soft, frosted surfaces of the InfinitySeal feel natural on the skin and maintain a secure seal.


For the CPAP mask, there are two size options available: 

  • Small
  • Medium 


Individuals with wider or longer facial profiles can purchase large cushions as a separate item.

The AirFit F20 for Her QuietAir Diffuser 

The AirFit F20 For Her is equipped with ResMed's QuietAir Elbow, which features an almost silent air dispersion and a gentler exhaust airflow than previous models, ensuring a peaceful and comfortable night's sleep for all users.


The F20's elbow features many two unique design components:  

  • Quick release squeeze-tabs
  • Rotates 360° 


The quick-release tabs make it easy to detach at night because you only need one hand. It’s full 360º rotation ability makes it easier to use. 

Compatible with AirTouch and AirFit Products 

Each AirTouch F20 For Her & AirFit F20 For Her masks feature flexible, padded framing and a headgear system. So, all of the cushions and parts on each mask are interchangeable. 


ResMed's AitFit F20 mask is easy and convenient because it lets you customize your sleep therapy to let you sleep your way. 

Note: The assembly kit includes only the frame and cushion. Headgear is not included, but ResMed mask headgear for AirFit and Touch F20 models can be purchased separately.

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