Equipment Replacement Schedule

How often should CPAP equipment be replaced?

The majority of supplies associated with sleep therapy are disposable. Headgear, filters, masks and tubing lose thier ability to function properly when used past their recommended life span.  Filters can clog and allow dirt to enter your airway, a headgear that is stretched can lead to over tightening and pressure point pain, and masks can develop leaks.

Our Recommended Replacement Schedule for CPAP and BiPAP Supplies, is listed below.  If you are in need of supply replacement please visit our supply section to purchase your replacement supplies today!

Item (number) HCPCS Code Replacement Frequency
CPAP Masks A7034 Every 3 months
CPAP Mask Headgear A7035 Every 3-6 months
CPAP Mask Tubing A7037 Every 3 months
Disposable Filters A7038 2 new filters every month
Non-Disposable Filters A7039 2 new filters every 6 months
CPAP Chin Strap A7036 Every 6 months
Full Face CPAP Masks A7030 Every 3 months
Oral CPAP Masks A7044 Every 3 months
Humidifier Chambers A7046 Every 6 months
CPAP Machines E0601 Generally, every 3-5 years, or as necessary