Prescription Policy

A prescription is needed in your file before we are able to send you an order including CPAP machines, masks, or humidifiers. Other CPAP parts and supplies do not need a prescription, and these include tubing, mask parts, water chambers, pillows, cushions, and filters.

CPAP prescriptions can be sent to us in four simple ways:

  • Use our toll free phone number to fax it in:  1-855-346-2727
  • Upload the Prescription using the Prescription Upload section of the Checkout Process
  • Email your prescription
  • Contact our customer service line so that we can request your prescription for you.

NOTE: Please ensure that the order number is included on any emailed or faxed prescriptions.

You should also note that your CPAP prescription can be obtained from your primary doctor. If your physician is aware that you use a CPAP and has a record of a sleep study in which you participated, he or she will typically be willing to issue a prescription in order for you to obtain your supplies.  We even have a form that your physician can use to create the prescription.

Handwritten prescriptions using a standard pad will be accepted. However, your prescription must include the following information:

  • Name of physician
  • Physician contact information
  • Physician signature
  • Information about the needed equipment (ex. CPAP mask, CPAP, etc.)
  • Pressure setting information for CPAP / Bi-level machine

NOTE:  HIPPA regulations give you the right to request that your physician write you a prescription. If you are experiencing difficulty in accessing a prescription, our customer service team may be able to assist you with this process.

Prescription Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there help available for my CPAP prescription?

Definitely, Our CPAP experts are happy to assist you with questions involving your CPAP prescription. You can contact us by email, phone, live chat, or fax.

Can I use an old CPAP prescription?

It depends on how the prescription is written. Some may be written as “99 months” or “lifetime need.” These prescriptions allow you to continue to receive equipment as long as the therapy needs to continue. Prescriptions that indicate only a certain quantity of refills will only be valid until the number shown on the prescription has been met. If you are unsure about your prescriptions validity, please send it in so that we can determine if it is acceptable.

Who can authorize a prescription for a CPAP?

Your CPAP prescription may be authorized by one of the care providers listed below:

  • Medical Doctor
  • Osteopathic Physician
  • Naturopathic Physician
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Psychiatrist
  • Dentist
  • Physicians Assistant

Prescriptions cannot be accepted when they are written by the following medical practitioners:

  • Chiropractor
  • Psychologist
  • Podiatrist
  • Optometrist

How do I send you my CPAP prescription?

You can send your CPAP prescriptions in one of four simple ways:

  • Use our toll free phone number to fax it in
  • Upload in the Prescription Upload section of the Checkout Process
  • Email your prescription
  • Contact our customer service line so that we can request your prescription for you.

What should my prescription for a CPAP say?

There are a variety of standard elements that should be included on a prescription for your CPAP equipment. Your name, your physician’s information, and his or her signature should be included.

CPAP Machine

  • It should use the phrase "Continuous Positive Airway Pressure" or "CPAP"
  • Specific pressure, like, “8 CM/H2O”, or simply “8”.

APAP Machine

  • A phrase related to APAP: AutoSet, APAP, Auto CPAP, Self Adjusting CPAP, AutoPAP, Auto Adjusting CP, CPAP
  • Optional pressure range indication (ex. 5-20 or  5-20 CM/H20)

Bi-level Machine Prescription

  • Phrasing such as VPAP, BiLevel, or BiPAP
  • Inspiration pressure (ex. IPAP 13 CM/H20 or IPAP 13)
  • Expiration pressure (ex EPAP 11 CM/H20 or EPAP 11)

Bi-level Auto Machine Prescription

  • Phrasing such as VPAP, BiLevel, BiPAP, BiPAP Auto
  • IPAP (inspiration pressure) and EPAP (expiration pressure) may not be needed for BiPAP Auto.

Bi-level ST Machine

  • Phrasing such as VPAP ST, Synchrony ST, or BiPAP ST
  • Must include a BPM setting or backup
  • Must contain inspiration pressure
  • Must contain expiration pressure

Bi-level Auto SV Machine

  • Phrasing such as BiPAP Servo Ventilation or BiPAP SV
  • May include a BPM setting or backup
  • Contains IPAP minimum or maximum
  • Contains EPAP

Bi-level AVAP Machine

  • Phrasing such as BiPAP AVAP, AVAP, BiLevel AVAP, BiPAP ST, or Volume Assured Pressure Support (average)
  • Contains estimated tidal volume.


  • Phrasing such as CPAP supplies, CPAP, CPAP humidifier, CPAP mask, APAP, Auto CPAP, AutoSet, etc.

CPAP Humidifier

  • Phrasing such as CPAP, HH, Humidifier, CPAP Humidifier, CPAP supplies, etc.