Boost Your Immune System with Better Sleep

The Center for Disease Control states that the lack of sleep has been linked to several health problems, such as obesity, depression, and heart diseases.

Without adequate sleep, your body produces fewer cytokines, which is a protein type responsible for fighting off inflammations and infections. In addition, sound sleep can also assist the immune system by eliminating stress hormones that hinder the stickiness of integrins. This stickiness is crucial for T cells to kill off virus-infected cells like HIV and cancer cells.

Experts recommend at least seven to eight hours of sleep every night but this would still depend on one’s age. If your sleep schedule is affected by your working hours, try to make up for it with naps.

Other factors, such as Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), may also prevent you from achieving better sleep. Someone with OSA may be at risk for developing stroke, heart attacks, and higher blood pressure because of several sleep disruptions.

GoCPAP offers OSA patients with a wide range of CPAP machines and products that will help increase air pressure in your throat in order to prevent the airway from narrowing. This results in improved focus, lower blood pressure, reduced daytime fatigue, and a healthier and stronger immune system.