CPAP Supplies FAQs

Filters, tubing and mask cushions are the items that most often need to be replaced. The functionality of these items is affected by your home environment, how often they are cleaned, and how they are cleaned. We encourage you to inspect these items regularly and replace them when needed.

  • CPAP Filters help to clean the air generated by the CPAP machine. In general filters should be replaced every two-four weeks. People living in homes with smoke or pets will need to replace CPAP filters more frequently.
  • CPAP Tubing should be replaced every 6-12 months depending on condition.
  • CPAP Mask Cushions are one of the most important factors in successful therapy. They help ensure a proper mask fit to avoid leaks and maintain your prescribed pressure. Many factors can influence the life and performance of a cushion including oils produced by our skin. A cushion does not have to be broken to malfunction. Over time cushions may start to lose their seal. It is recommended that you inspect your cushion regularly and replace them as needed.