ResMed Nasal Mask Assembly Kit - Swift FX Nano

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The Swift FX Nano is the nasal version of its sister mask, the Swift FX. The Nano combines the original streamlined design with a comfortable nasal cushion, providing a natural breathing experience. 

The lightweight mask has sleek silicone headgear and naturally adapts to the contours of your face. This low-profile, compact mask has no rigid frame to eliminate facial contact, pinching, and red marks. The ResMed Swift FX Nano strives to enhance comfort all around. 

Compact CPAP and BiLevel Mask 

This mask is lightweight, compact, and open. It is made of ultralight materials to flex and move with you during sleep movements. The design promotes an organic seal with minimal facial contact. This ultra-comfortable mask has no plastic frame or forehead support.

Dual-Wall with Gentle and Secure Seal

This low-profile cushion is dual-walled, creating both a gentle and secure mask seal. The Swift FX nasal pillow is ultra-soft and flexible, providing a natural breathing experience. This nasal pillow minimizes facial contact adding stability from the dual-wall SpringAir technology to eliminate pinching, pressure, and leaks.

The Nano Nasal Mask Cushion:

  • Distributes pressure evenly
  • Improves comfort
  • Reduces red marks and skin irritation

Quick Release Tabs

The Swift FX Nano Nasal Mask has lock-and-key quick-release tabs, making it quick and easy to detach your headgear at night. The tabs are designed as hinges, requiring only a twist and release motion. 

Quiet, Flexible, and Simple!

Everything you need. The Nano takes everything you need in your sleep apnea treatment and makes it quieter, simpler, and more flexible. This CPAP mask uses a diffused ventilation system with whisper-quiet vents to maintain calm performance. Exhaled air is silently diffused, eliminating disturbing exhaled air and noise so you and your bed partner can sleep peacefully with your CPAP therapy.

This mask also boasts a Spring-Flex connector tubing with a dual swivel to minimize pull, increasing the short tube's ability to bend and stretch, adapting to your sleep movements. In addition, the dual swivel provides 360° rotation.

The Nano is as simple as three parts: headgear, cushion, and tube. It's easy to assemble, disassemble, and clean. It is also great for travel with its soft mask features, helping you take your sleep therapy on the road with you.

Pick Your Size

When purchasing the Swift FX Nano, you can choose from a small, standard, or wide cushion. In addition, the Nano also comes in the For Her version with a small pillow and pink highlights.