ResMed Mask Silicone Headgear - Swift FX Nano

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ResMed’s Swift FX Nano Nasal Mask has its unique headgear specifically designed for the Swift FX Nano mask. This replacement kit comes with one replacement headgear, available in two styles: gray and pink. 

Each replacement kit includes:

  • Silicone headgear
  • SoftEdge fabric strap
  • Soft fabric wraps

Soft and Comfortable Silicone Headgear

This replacement headgear is simple, sleek and soft for superior comfort. Two silicone side straps connect the headgear to the cushion. This design ensures adaptability of the headgear’s fit during sleep movements. And, if you are looking for a softer feel, use the included fabric wraps for comfort and personalization. 

Two Adjustment Mechanisms

This headgear model offers two adjustment points: one from the crown strap and the other on the back fabric strap. On the crown of the head, there is an adjustable connector. Once you set this to fit your head, you won’t need to fit it again. On the back of the headgear, the SoftEdge fabric strap also offers a simple and accessible adjustment mechanism. 

Lightweight and Enjoyable Sleep Therapy

The non-disruptive and light design of the Nano headgear makes it easy to fall asleep, improving your overall CPAP therapy experience. You’ll have a clear line of sight for bedtime activities you enjoy, such as watching TV or reading. This headgear will help you enjoy your life during sleep apnea therapy. 

Choose Your Color

The Swift FX Nasal Pillow Mask headgear comes in two color options: gray and pink. Both colors come in the same size, and the color will appear on the fabric strap and fabric wraps. 

  • Gray Color #62238
  • Pink Color #62248

When to Replace Your Swift FX Nano Parts

There are three parts of your Swift FX Nano Nasal CPAP Mask that you should regularly replace: headgear, cushion, and tubing. 

  • Headgear: Replace every six months
  • Nasal Cushion: Replace monthly
  • Tubing: Replace every three months