Fisher & Paykel Nasal CPAP Mask with Headgear- Evora

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Fisher & Paykel Evora Full Face Mask with Headgear

Fisher & Paykel’s Evora Full Face Mask is all about minimal facial contact. The Evora achieves comfort by eliminating red marks and uncomfortable touch points on your mouth and nose. Choose the Evora full-face CPAP mask to achieve comfortable and restful sleep apnea therapy.

Perfect for active sleepers, the Evora face mask uses Dynamic Support Technology to create a lightweight seal with stable wings. Each full face mask kit comes with a set of cushions. Choose between these sizes:

  • Extra-small
  • Small/medium
  • Large 

An extra large headgear size is available if you order the Assembly Kit with XL Headgear here.

Check out the F&P Evora Full Mask Specification Sheet here.

Features of Fisher & Paykel Evora Full Face Mask

  • Dynamic support technology offers the freedom to move
  • Removable frame clip to keep your headgear in place
  • Breathable VentiCool technology keeps you cool
  • Exhaust holes for a quiet sleep

Freedom to Move With Dynamic Support Technology

Evora’s support technology creates a stable yet comfortable fit for your full-face CPAP mask. The mask’s seal floats just above your face, and its soft silicone wraps sit under the nose to create a comfortable seal. In addition, the seal adjusts as you move throughout the night, making it perfect for active sleepers. 

In a survey of Evora users, 91% of participants reported that the Fisher & Paykel Evora Full Face Mask with Headgear has a stable and secure seal. Additionally, 96% of those same participants said it was easy to move, making this mask perfect for any sleep position. 

Secure Your Headgear While Fitting and Cleaning

These clips eliminate the need to refit your headgear when you take it off constantly. Use the frame clips to adjust your headgear settings to take your mask off while keeping the perfect fit you found for the next night.

These clips also help with cleaning. Disassemble your mask, and leave the clips in the same spot on your headgear to retain your mask fitting. 

Keep Cool at Night

Fisher & Paykel’s Breathable VentiCool Technology frees heat and moisture, keeping you cool while you sleep. 

Quiet Sleep for Light Sleepers

The Evora’s exhaust holes disperse exhaled air, decreasing the amount of sound output your mask produces. Quieter than a whisper, the Evora produces about 28 decibels. 

Find Your Fit

Our F&P Evora Full Face Mask Fit Pack helps you to find the right fit. The fit pack includes: 

  • Mask cushion in your selected size
  • Mask system with standard size headgear 
  • Sizing guide 
  • Use & Care Guide

F&P myMask — A Support App for Users

Download Fisher & Paykel’s support app, myMask™, for help finding the right fit, cleaning your mask, and fine-tuning your sleep therapy perfectly.