ResMed Nasal Mask with Headgear - Swift FX Nano for Her

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This item has been discontinued by manufacturer.  Please check out the Related Products above to compare to newer masks!

The ResMed Swift FX Nano for Her Nasal Mask with Headgear 

Are you looking for a CPAP Mask explicitly designed for female sleep apnea patients? The ResMed Swift FX Nano for Her has what you need. 

Unlike standard CPAP masks, the Swift FX Nano for Her is designed to meet the needs of female sleep apnea patients. It comes with a simple interface that promotes ergonomic comfort specifically for the unique aspects of a woman’s body. 

Why Choose the Swift FX Nano for Her? 

  • Women approved 
  • Designed to allow easy assembly and removal 
  • Promotes stability and flexibility 
  • Customizable 

The Swift FX Nano: Women Approved 

How does this sleep apnea mask work for women? The Swift FX Nano for Her features a streamlined algorithm designed by ResMed that primes the machine to detect sleep apnea attributes specifically for female users. Unfortunately, standard unisex CPAP apnea machines don't follow the same algorithm, so they only sometimes provide the most effective care. 

The machine will pick various therapies or increase therapies based on the user's level of comfort and the machine's effectiveness. 

The Swift FX Nano: Easy to Assemble and Remove

The Swift FX Nano for Her utilizes quick-release tabs that secure the silicone headgear. The tabs make it easy to assemble and set up for therapies each night and easy to remove after therapy use. 

The quick-release tabs connect the overall frame to keep the headgear connected to the user's head. However, the design is simple and clean, so set-up and removal are a smooth process.

The Swift FX Nano: Promotes Stability and Flexibility

The Swift FX Nano for Her is perfect for both back and side sleepers. The CPAP mask includes dual-walled flaps that hold a nasal cushion to promote stability for side sleepers and those who move throughout the night. The Swift FX nasal pillows are extra-comfortable and squishy, so users won't wake up with red marks and strap marks.

In addition, the air tubes are directly connected to the mask to enable users the freedom to move and shift positions during sleep. As a result, staying still during sleep with a CPAP mask is a problem of the past. 

The Swift FX Nano: Customizable to Fit Any Lifestyle 

The flexibility of the mask is perfect for almost every facial feature and size. The adjustable straps allow users to find the ideal balance between looseness and seal. The mask makes CPAP therapies like sleep apnea help promote natural breathing.

In addition, the nasal pillow mask reduces the level of pinching and squeezing, so users, regardless of facial features, can be sure that the nasal mask will stay put and remain comfortable throughout the night.