ResMed Full Face Mask with Headgear - Quattro FX

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ResMed's Quattro FX is a popular choice as a full-face mask, given its innovative features focusing on comfort and flexibility.

Innovative Features of the Quattro FX Mask

As mentioned above, many innovative features of the Quattro FX Mask set it apart from its competitors.

Less Obtrusive

Users love the Quattro FX Mask for being less obtrusive than other traditional full-face masks. It starts mid-way on the nasal bridge, allowing you to have a clear line of sight and to experience more of a feeling of openness. This design enables you to comfortably watch TV, read, or wear eyeglasses while using this mask for your CPAP therapy.

Fewer Red Marks

Due to the minimized design of the ResMed Quattro FX Mask, you will experience fewer red marks and irritation due to mask contact. 

Added Comfort

ResMed's Quattro FX Mask has a focus on comfort. The Spring frame design eliminates the need for forehead support. In addition, the dual-wall cushion provides soft, even pressure distribution around the nose and mouth for a comfortable and secure fit. 

This frame provides the same stability and angular adjustment as conventional full-face masks. This stability occurs without the annoying pressure and obstruction of forehead support that most face masks possess.

Soft Touch

The Quattro FX uses a Spring Air cushion that provides soft and even pressure distribution around the nose and mouth. The cushion's supportive inner layers absorb even the slightest movements. These layers provide stability while the soft outer membrane gently inflates to create a safe and secure seal against the skin of the face, with particular softness at the sensitive nasal bridge. 

Quiet Performance

With a 360° swivel, the ingenious elbow of the Quattro FX reduces tubing drag and improves freedom of movement. The vents within the elbow quietly disperse exhaled air away from you and without disturbing your bed partner.

Simple Setting Control 

The Quattro FX mask also earns accolades for its "Set-and-Forget Headgear." This feature works to reduce tension and eliminate pressure points. The contoured crown strap sits snugly at the top of your head, avoiding sensitive areas around the back of the neck. The easy release clip makes it easy to remove while preserving the mask's personalized fit. 

Style Features of the Quattro FX Mask

This mask is easy to personalize to you! You have the power to choose different cushion sizes and headgear colors, allowing you to customize the mask to your preferences. 

Benefits of the Quattro FX Mask 

There are a lot of great benefits associated with this particular mask that are worth learning about.

Time and Cost Savings

This mask's cushion and Spring framework dictates that you don't need forehead support to use this mask effectively. Since the fit of the Quattro FX mask is simple and strong, it means less time fiddling with the fit to gain comfort and less money spent on replacements.

Therapy Acceptance

Since the Quattro FX Mask is easy to use and boasts stellar performance, you'll be able to embrace the progress happily you'll experience with your CPAP therapy.

Quality and Performance 

Thanks to the technology offered by the Spring Air and Spring Frames, you're able to experience stability without the standard front brace with this mask. The performance of the Quattro FX is consistent and reliable. 

The Feeling of Freedom

The fact that this mask has fewer touchpoints means there's a decreased chance of skin irritation. There's also a minimized risk of feelings of claustrophobia due to the design of this full-face mask being more open.

A Quality Night's Sleep

You can sleep soundly at night with the Quattro FX mask. Not only does it operate quietly, but you'll love the peace of mind that comes with knowing it has a secure seal.

Quattro FX Mask Resources 

The Quattro FX Mask User Guide gives an abundance of information on how to get the most out of this product. Here are a few things this guide covers:

  • A step-by-step guide for fitting your mask
  • How to disassemble and assemble your mask
  • How to clean your mask
  • Troubleshooting your mask