ResMed Full Face Mask with Headgear - Quattro Air for Her

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If you’re looking for a sleek, minimalist design without sacrificing performance, this face mask is for you. The ResMed Quattro Air for Her has a wide range of features that you’ll love. 

ResMed Quattro Air for Her Notable Features 

Lightweight Design

The ResMed Quattro Air for Her is astoundingly lightweight, weighing in at just 3.3 ounces. That makes it 45% lighter than the comparable Mirage Quattro model. This reduced weight eliminates pressure on the face and drag on the headgear. As a result, not only does this model feel more lightweight to wear, but it’s also less susceptible to leaks.

Ease of Use

The ResMed Quattro Air for Her is straightforward to use. With only four parts, you can assemble, clean, and use this full face mask with ease. The cushion of this model comes off with one simple click, allowing for easy cleaning. After, snap the piece back into place just as easily. The absence of a cushion clip diminishes the chances of breaking it, losing it, or replacing it, which eliminates a lot of potential frustration.

A More Natural Feel 

The ResMed Quattro Air for Her features an enhanced Spring Air cushion. This cushion has a light texture on the surface, which presents a more natural feel on the skin and a better seal. The dual-wall design gently inflates with therapy air during use. This process creates a soft and adaptable cushion of air between the mask and face. Plus, updated contours at the nasal bridge reduce pressure and improve the overall comfort and fit.

Reliable Seal 

This full-face mask model seals around the mouth and nose. That fact makes it suitable for patients who breathe through their mouth or nose. In addition, it works for anyone with nasal blockages or people who experience occasional mouth leaks. 

The reliable seal is also suited for higher therapy pressure levels.

Innovative Support

The ResMed Quattro Air for Her includes soft, silicone Flex-wing Forehead Support that automatically flexes into position. This process does not require forehead pads, excessive pressure, or overly tight headgear, making it not only convenient but quite innovative. 

The Flex-wing feels light on the face while simultaneously providing stability needed for a dependable seal. This sleek, open Quattro Air frame is lightweight and flexible. In addition, the design includes minimal facial contact, which is another plus.

Pleasing Aesthetic & Fit

The aesthetic design of the ResMed Quattro Air for Her has thoughtful features. The model comes in a stylish gray design with pink highlights. This mask is a smaller size, designed to fit more petite users. Seamless Soft Edge headgear features premium rolled-edge fabric with a unique texture. This texture helps improve the fit and feels more natural on the face. The Quattro Air’s crown strap comfortably sits at the top of the head, limiting contact with the sensitive areas around the back of the neck. 

In addition, this model does not require any headgear clips. Instead, the headgear slides onto loops built into the frame of the mask. This design negates the need to readjust the headgear each time you put it on. Instead, once you’ve found your perfect fit, you can slide the headgear on and off the loops as needed.

Advanced Venting 

The technology used on the ResMed Quattro Air for Her venting is another excellent feature to consider. The circular diffused venting around the mask elbow ensures that the mask is quiet, delivering an average sound level of 28 dBA.The air disperses gently and quietly away from you and your bed partner, allowing you both to enjoy a good night’s rest. 

Easy Detachment 

The ResMed Quattro Air for Her features a one-piece, quick-release elbow. This component has squeeze tabs that make it easy to detach with one hand, ensuring it’s simple to maneuver, even at night. The elbow rotates 360° and includes an independent tube swivel. This swivel works to reduce tubing drag, which allows easy movement during sleep without compromising mask seal.

Is This the Right Full Face Mask for Me?

Choosing the right full face mask doesn’t have to be an intimidating task! Ask yourself these questions to decide if the ResMed Quattro Air for Her is suitable for you:

  • Am I looking for something more lightweight?
  • Do I want a mask with fewer parts?
  • Do I need something that operates quietly?
  • Am I sick of having to readjust my headgear each time I put it on?

ResMed Quattro Air for Her Additional Resources

Learn more about using this mask by watching this helpful instructional video or by checking out the full product user guide!