ResMed AirMini P10 Setup Pack

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The ResMed AirMini P10 Setup Pack boasts many convenient features that CPAP users love. Learn about all this setup pack has to offer below.

What’s included in the ResMed AirMini P10 Setup Pack?

Specifically designed for AirMini Portable CPAP Machines, the ResMed AirMini P10 Setup Pack comes pre-assembled. Here’s everything included in your purchase of this setup pack:

  • A long breathing tube specially adapted for the AirFit P10 Nasal Pillows Mask 
  • Headgear and clips 
  • 3 nasal pillow sizes (Small, Medium & Large)
  • 2 waterless HumidX HME Humidifier filters (1 Standard & 1 Plus) 

This convenient setup pack includes a design that allows the HumidX Humidifier to sit directly between the mask and machine to provide efficient humidification.

Innovative and Convenient Features

Minimalist Design


Made with a small number of components, the ResMed AirMini P10 Setup Pack is simple to assemble, fit, remove, and clean. Now you can enjoy the feeling of being organized thanks to the cleverly color-coded accessories that fit the components together. Thanks to the simple, compact design it’s an ideal product for an on-the-go lifestyle and travel.

Waterless Humidification


Thanks to the inclusion of the waterless HumidX Humidifier,  you won’t have to worry about packing or buying distilled water on your travels.

The HumidX Humidifier's largest benefit is its ability to improve the moisture in the air, which promotes comfortable breathing in both standard and dry environments. As a reminder, this component of the setup pack requires replacement every 30 days. 

Lightweight and Quiet


If you already use the P10 nasal pillow then you have come to expect high quality and thisaddition is no exception to that rule. It offers a lightweight design and quiet operation, soyou and your bed partner can sleep soundly while you receive reliable CPAP therapy.

How to Clean the ResMed AirMini P10 Setup Pack


Another remarkable aspect of this setup pack is the easy cleaning process of the AirMini hose and AirFit P10. Follow the below-listed process to refresh your machine:

  1. Wash components in warm water
  2. Use a mild detergent 
  3. Rinse all components thoroughly
  4. Air dry, avoiding direct sunlight

Product Compatibility

The AirFit P10 Nasal Pillow Mask will not work with this AirMini P10 CPAP Machine. The specialized venting technology used in the AirMini device differs from that of the AirFit P10. For that reason, you must purchase the P10 Setup Pack to use with your AirMini P10 Travel CPAP Machine and enjoy all that this device has to offer.