RemZzzs Full Face Mask Liner (30 Day Supply)

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Are you looking for an extra layer of comfort during your sleep apnea therapy? RemZzzs’ Full Face Mask Liners provide it. These liners create an active barrier between your silicone mask and your skin. They also aid in developing more effective and comfortable CPAP therapy by:

  • Reducing air leaks
  • Minimizing pressure marks
  • Eliminating skin irritation

This CPAP mask liner pack comes with 30 disposable liners to last you a month and accommodates all full-face CPAP masks. RemZzzs’ liner's size fits a wide variety of CPAP mask sizes from all major manufacturers. 

CPAP nasal mask liners must be purchased specifically for nasal pillows here.

Using Your CPAP Full Face Mask Liners

To use your liners:

  1. Place an individual liner on the side of your mask that rests on your face.
  2. Put your mask on with the liner situated between your face and the mask cushion.
  3. In the morning, dispose of the liner. 

Made of 100% Natural Cotton Fibers

RemZzzs created these liners with a 100% natural blend of cotton fibers to absorb any oils or moisture on your face. By creating this barrier between your face and mask cushion, you will no longer need to worry about facial oils and moisture compromising your CPAP mask’s seal. 

RemZzzs’ CPAP liners will improve your CPAP therapy in many ways:

  • It aids your mask in operating smoothly
  • It improves user comfort
  • It keeps your skin looking healthy

Clean Less, Sleep More!

Using disposable liners makes your CPAP cleaning routine so much easier. You’ll no longer need to clean your cushion every day because your CPAP liners will keep all facial oils and moisture off the silicone cushion. So, instead of needing to wipe down your mask cushion daily, you can now simply remove and dispose of your CPAP full face liner. Disposable = convenient and easy!