ResMed Full Face Mask with Headgear - AirFit F30

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The ResMed Full Face Mask with Headgear - AirFit F30 full face mask offers a comfortable fit and sleek design, making it a delight to wear. 

A Lightweight & Open Fit Design

The AirFit F30 Full Face Mask boasts a minimalist design and look, meaning that it's lightweight to wear. This modern full-face mask features advanced ultra-light materials. It has highly adaptive cushions and headgear guarantee an easy custom fit for all users. 

ResMed's AirFit F30 Full Face Mask improves user comfort with a sleek, lightweight frame that creates an open field of vision; and a minimalist cushion that rests below the nose to reduce facial contact, irritation, and pressure points. AirFit F30 includes highly adjustable plush headgear that adapts to a wide range of sleep therapy users.

The AirFit F30 Full Face Mask is Designed for Comfort

The Airfit F30 Full Face Mask provides comfort for anyone that uses it for their sleep therapy! 

Compact Design

The compact design of this CPAP full face mask is another feature that sets it apart from its competitors. The innovative mask allows for minimal face contact, directing the fit to sit below the nose. The mask covers only the mouth and nostrils, reducing contact with the face and eliminating problematic touch-points, such as the nasal bridge and upper cheeks. 

This compact design also aids in reducing pinching and red marks that are common to many full-face masks on the market. These features make this the perfect choice for anyone that wears glasses, likes to read at night, or suffers from feelings of claustrophobia. 

Comfortable Materials

The material used in the Airfit F30 full face mask aids in the overall comfort of this piece. The headgear features plush fabric, which provides extra softness and stability. The rolled-edge fabric straps on the headgear are designed to be worn loosely so the UltraCompact cushion can adapt to your facial contours without creating excessive pressure. 

Ease of Use

The full face mask also has magnetic clips on the lower straps. These clips act to guide the headgear into the frame, so it is quick and simple to take on and off. All AirFit F30 masks come with Standard Headgear with blue highlights.

Advanced Features for Added Convenience

It's easy to sleep soundly while wearing this CPAP mask. The AirFit F30 features ResMed's QuietAir Elbow. This technology provides an almost silent air dispersion and gentle exhaust airflow, allowing users to enjoy a quiet and comfortable slumber. The F30 elbow's quick-release squeeze-tabs make it simple to detach with one hand at night. Finally, this feature rotates 360° with an independent tube swivel to reduce tubing drag and resistance. 

ResMed Full Face Mask - AirFit F30 Features

The ResMed Full Face Mask - AirFit F30 features include:

  • Lightweight materials 
  • A sleek, lightweight frame
  • Quick-release elbows
  • Convenient magnetic clips
  • Reliable seal

Is This the Right Full Face Mask for Me?

If you're unsure if this is the right CPAP full face mask for you, ask yourself these key questions during your shopping experience:

  • Are you looking for a smaller full-face mask that's modern and reliable?
  • Do you want a mask that rests under your nose rather than over it?
  • Do you wear glasses?
  • Do you frequently like to read at night?
  • Do you struggle with feelings of claustrophobia?
  • Do masks that rest against the top of your nose cause you discomfort?

Check out this video denoting how to use the AirFit F30 Full Face Mask!