ResMed Nasal Pillows Mask with Headgear - Swift FX for Her

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The ResMed Swift FX For Her Nasal Mask with Headgear is an excellent choice for women that receive CPAP treatment. You can read about all of its notable features below. 

ResMed Swift FX For Her Best Features

Premium Comfort

The Swift FX for Her has features that provide supreme comfort. The exhalation ports are not on the cushion but on the frame of the device. This feature allows air to flow away from the users and their bed partners. This unique design leads to the reduction of sound levels to a minimal and impressive 25 decibels. 

Another aspect of this machine that provides comfort is its minimal interface, which leads to a gentle fit. This minimal design means ergonomic comfort for women sleep apnea patients. Made of silicone, the headgear is soft and flexible. This material allows the material to bend easily, conforming to your face with ease.

The softness, simplicity, and stability of this design really make it stand apart from the crowd when it comes to CPAP masks with headgear.

Travel Ready

One of the most notable features of this device is that it's travel-ready. It's convenient to take on the go because the Swift FX for Her is compact and lightweight, making it the perfect CPAP therapy machine for simplistic travel. 

Simple Assembly & Disassembly 

ResMed's Swift FX for women features quick-release tabs that help secure the silicone headgear. These features promote easy removal from the mask's frame, which means simple assembly and disassembly, making this device convenient to use on a day-to-day basis. 

The Swift FX for Her consists of three parts, making it a breeze to disassemble, clean, and re-assemble.

Designed With Women in Mind

A unique aspect of the Swift FX for Her is that it's made specifically for women. This nasal mask utilizes a unique algorithm by ResMed that allows the machine to detect sleep apnea attributes specific to female users. Then, depending on the user's comfort level and the machine's overall effectiveness, the algorithm increases therapy whenever the need is detected.


Feel secure when you wear ResMed's Swift FX for Her and rest easy knowing that it provides a stable performance even at high pressures. The mask stays in place and maintains an effective seal. Due to its technologically advanced design, this is true even at high treatment pressures.

Plus, once you have the right pillow size, minimal adjustments need to take place to maintain the fit of the device. It's a perk to know that the size ranges accommodate all users - from those with extra small needs upwards to larger pillow sizes.

Pleasing Aesthetic

The Swift FX for Her is aesthetically appealing to sleep apnea patients. The non-intimidating look and feel will entice you to wear this face mask, especially considering its other innovative features. The love of this device will enhance your therapy acceptance and adherence. 

Using the Swift FX for Her

Learn more about using your new Swift FX for Her Nasal Pillows Mask with Headgear by checking out the complete user guide