ResMed Nasal Mask Assembly Kit - Micro

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ResMed’s Mirage Micro nasal mask offers a personalized fit with easy-to-use features. This mask creates a comfortable and effective therapy experience. It has fewer parts making it a breeze to clean. ResMed designed the Micro to offer you all the features you’ve been looking for in a CPAP mask:

  • Precise Adjustments
  • Reduced Pressure
  • Quieter Ventilation
  • Effective Seal   
  • No Over-Tightening

The assembly kit includes the mask frame, cushion, and headgear. 

Find Your Perfect Fit

The ResMed Mirage Micro Nasal CPAP Mask features a MicroFit dial with 24 precise forehead support adjustments. Because of this feature, you will not need to over-tighten your headgear, creating a more relaxing and comfortable fit. 

The assembly kit includes headgear clips for convenient and fast detachment and attachment. You won’t need to readjust your mask if you need to get up to use the bathroom during the night. 

Slender Design, Clear Line of Sight

Because this nasal CPAP mask with headgear is thinner, you will still have an open view when in bed. Now you can read or watch TV during your sleep apnea treatment. 

Reduced Nasal Bridge Pressure

With its dual-wall nasal cushion, ResMed’s Mirage Micro reduces pressure on the nasal bridge while obtaining an effective seal. 

52% Quieter Ventilation System

Compared to the Ultra Mirage II, the Mirage Micro is 52% quieter. This innovative vent design is located on the elbow for easy cleaning and disassembly. The vent diffuses air away from you and your bed partner quietly and softly. 

Six Size Options

ResMed’s Mirage Micro comes in six sizes: small, medium, large, large wide, extra-large, and pediatric for children seven and up who weigh more than 40 pounds. 

With so many size options, CPAP users with petite or wide faces can use the Micro — even kids!