ResMed Nasal Mask Assembly Kit - AirFit N30i

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AirFit N30i Assembly Kit - Enables Sleep Movement

The AirFit N30i Cushion Assembly Kit features a top-of-the-head tube design and nasal cradle cushion, including the frame and cushion. This design is compatible with the ResMed Mask Headgear - AirFit N30i & P30i (must be purchased separately). Now you have the freedom to sleep in any position thanks to the AirFit N30i Cushion Assembly Kit!

Assembly Kit Design Accommodates Patient Movement

The ResMed AirFit N30i Nasal CPAP Mask Assembly Kit's design offers users the ability to move around in their sleep without getting tangled with the parts. In addition, the AirFit N30i cushion features a curved nasal pillow, allowing a good seal with a weightless feel. You can easily use electronics, read a book, or watch TV before bedtime with this design.

The AirFit N30i's quick-release elbow also prevents claustrophobia by reducing that bulk feeling. At the same time, the pinch-clip elbow makes sure that none of the parts gets lost.

Product Features & Benefits

The AirFit N30i assembly kit is compatible with the N30i headgear and features the following. 

  • Top-of-Head Design: Provides the freedom to sleep in any position. 
  • SpringFit Frame: Automatically adjusts to different facial profiles and helps to ensure an accurate fit during first-time use.
  • Soft Sleeves: Help to ensure comfort and reduce facial marks.
  • Curved Cradle Cushion: Provides comfort with a less intrusive seal.

Cleaning Tips

You should clean your masks once a week and the cushions every day. Follow the below tips to clean the AirFit N30i frame. 

  1. Disassemble the mask.
  2. Detach the wraps and frame, or wash the frame and wraps together.
  3. Submerge the frame and soft wraps in mild soapy water. 
  4. Soak in mild soapy water.
  5. Air-dry the parts. 

Follow the below tips to clean the AirFit N30i cushion.

  1. Clean the cushion with mask wipes or mild soap and water. 
  2. Scrub gently to remove all debris or deposits.
  3. Allow to air dry before next use.

Watch This Video to Learn Fitting Tips for Your AirFit N30i Cushion

Learn how to fit your ResMed AirFit N30i cushion and begin sleeping more comfortably at night by watching the video below: