ResMed Mask Headgear - AirFit N30

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The Airfit N30 Headgear By ResMed

The QuickFit Headgear is revolutionized equipment that places support and comfort at the forefront of the design. The headgear comes with a warped-knitted nylon fabric that minimizes pressure points and stress areas. 

In addition, the headgear is flexible and breathable to give you the most comfortable CPAP mask fit yet.

Why is it a fantastic headgear set?

  • Warp-knitted nylon fabric
  • Flexible 
  • Breathable 
  • Auto-adjusting 
  • Universal sizing

The Warped-Knitted Nylon Fabric

The choice of fabric gives you a comfortable and flexible headgear fit because it moves with you. As you switch sleep positions throughout the night, the headgear will keep the mask in place. However, the headgear will not become uncomfortable because it flexes and shifts as you move. 

Because of this, the headgear does not leave any red marks or put a lot of pressure on specific face points.  

The Flexible Design

The Airfit N30 Headgear design moves with you throughout the entire sleep therapy process. Instead of being restricted and held back by the CPAP mask, this headgear will ensure that you can change sleeping positions and not lose the nasal mask seal. 

In addition, the headgear is unobtrusive and elasticated to ensure a stable mask while also leaving you free to do other activities before bed. Furthermore, the headgear holds the mask to pull the cushion cradle into place. 

The Breathable Headgear Design

Because of the warp-knitted nylon fabric, the headgear is breathable for the user. In addition, it also wicks away any moisture, so you are not left with an uncomfortable feeling of headgear.  

The QuickFit is lightweight and will not hold you back from moving during sleep apnea therapy.

Auto-Adjusting Design 

The QuickFit headgear features a split strap design that automatically adjusts to help you get the best CPAP mask fit. 

To adjust the strap, you need to spread the back straps apart for either a looser fit or bring the straps together for a tighter fit. To help you maximize the fit, the headgear features a tiny headgear clip that can make minor adjustments. 

As a result, the design allows you to fine-tune the fit to ensure a comfortable sleep therapy. 

Universal Sizing

The QuickFit Headgear comes standard to each AirFit N30 CPAP and BiLevel mask. Whichever AirFit N30 CPAP or BiLevel mask you have, this headgear is compatible with it. 

Since it has adjustable and flexible straps, a standard size fits all users. In addition, the auto-adjusting and elasticated straps help you find the perfect fit that will move with you as you go through sleep therapy. 

Why should you choose the AirFit N30 Headgear?

  • Warp-knitted nylon fabric
  • Flexible 
  • Breathable 
  • Auto-adjusting 
  • Universal sizing

Again, this headgear is lightweight and wicks moisture to keep users comfortable and content during sleep therapy. It works with any of ResMed's AirFit N30 nasal masks or any other BiLevel Mask. The mask and headgear combination is the most comfortable and flexible fit yet.