ResMed Standard 22mm Tube

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ResMed Standard 22mm Tube

Perfect as a replacement for the tube provided with your ResMed CPAP machine, the ResMed standard 22mm tube is a critical component in CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) therapy, often used for treating obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and other sleep-related breathing disorders. This durable and top-quality option from ResMed is ideal for home and travel.

All About the ResMed Standard 22mm Tube

ResMed's standard 22mm tube brings a new level of comfort, convenience, and compatibility to CPAP sleep apnea therapy, delivering enhanced patient comfort and ease of use. It's an integral part of ResMed's CPAP therapy solutions, and its lightweight and flexible design makes it more comfortable and practical, especially for those who change sleep positions frequently throughout the night.

ResMed Standard 22mm Tube Applications

  • CPAP Therapy
  • BiPAP and AutoPAP Systems
  • Home, Travel, and Clinical Use

ResMed Standard 22mm Tube Features

Standard 22mm Cuff

The universal 22mm cuff is compatible with various CPAP masks, machines, and humidifiers.

Durability and Flexibility

ResMed's tubes are renowned for durability and flexibility, designed to withstand regular use and bending while remaining resistant to cracking or breaking.


The tube is light enough to move freely and easily for increased user comfort during sleep.

Smooth Interior

ResMed's standard 22mm tube features a smooth interior to provide consistent airflow and reduced noise.

Easy to Clean and Replace

Hygiene is crucial for effective CPAP therapy, and ResMed's standard 22mm tube is easy to disassemble, clean, maintain, and replace.

This Product Includes:

1 x ResMed standard 22mm tube

Note: The ResMed standard 22mm tube does NOT include a mask or CPAP machine. GoCPAP recommends replacing CPAP tubes every six months to ensure efficient, effective, and hygienic performance.