ResMed Full Face Mask Assembly Kit - Quattro FX

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Quattro FX Assembly Kit: Personalize for Each Individual 

ResMed's Quattro FX Assembly Kit with headgear is lighter and less obtrusive than traditional full face CPAP masks. It starts mid-way on the nasal bridge, creating a clear line of sight and a greater feeling of openness. 

Notable Features:

  • Spring frame
  • Dual-wall cushion
  • Built-in vents
  • Sizing and headgear color options


With its many exceptional features, the Quattro FX full face mask is ideal for all users! 

Flexible, Durable, and Adjustable Frame 

The Quattro FX's spring frame design eliminates the need for forehead support while creating more stability utilizing its angular adjustment capabilities. With fewer contact points, you will also have fewer red marks on your face. The mask frame provides a clear field of vision. In addition, unlike conventional full face masks, this full face mask has no annoying pressure or obstruction of forehead support.

Soft, Supportive, and Secure Cushion

The Quattro FX's Spring Air cushion provides soft, even pressure distribution around the nose and mouth. This creates a comfortable, secure fit, absorbing even slight user movements. 


The dual-wall feature of the cushion provides stabilization and reduces leakage likelihood. The supportive inner layer provides stability while the soft outer membrane creates a safe, secure seal on the skin. Additionally, a particular softness is added to the nasal bridge area for its extra sensitivity. 

Softly and Quietly Dispersed Air via Built-In Vents

The innovative elbow of the Quattro FX CPAP tube has a 360° swivel to reduce tubing drag and improve free movement. The elbow's vents quietly disperse exhaled air away from the CPAP user and their bed partner. 

Set-and-Forget Headgear Clips 

Just as the name indicates, the Quattro FX headgear clips are easy to set for a comfortable user experience. Find your fit and say farewell to continually adjusting your headgear. 

Personalize by Size and Color

With its variety of cushion sizes and headgear colors, the Quattro FX assembly kit accommodates a wide range of men's and women's preferences. For example, the Quattro FX has dark blue headgear and frame highlights, while the Quattro FX For Her has pink and gray headgear with pink frame highlights. 

Size Measurements Available 

  • Small: 3 9/16"
  • Medium: 4"
  • Large: 4 3/8"