ResMed AirFit™ N30 for AirMini Mask Pack

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ResMed AirFit N30 for AirMini Mask Pack

The AirFitN30 for AirMini Mask Pack is compatible with the ResMed AirMini Travel CPAP machine. However, you cannot use the standard AirFit N30 CPAP mask with the AirMini. So, the AirFit N30 AirMini Mask Pack is necessary to use the AirFit N30 model with the AirMini machine. 

The AirMini Mask Pack includes:

  • AirFit N30 for AirMini nasal cradle CPAP mask
  • Three nasal pillow sizes: small, medium, and small wide
  • AirFit N30 connector
  • AirMini tubing (5 feet and 9 inches in length and 15 mm in diameter)
  • Waterless humidification cartridges: HumidX or HumidX Plus
  • Standard HumidX for average conditions 
  • HumidX Plus for dry conditions

Features of the AirFit N30 for AirMini

While this mask design highly resembles the original AirFit N30 as ResMed’s lightest mask on the market, it is its own unique version of the N30 nasal cradle mask. Please note that a prescription is required to purchase this mask pack.

Comfortable for Traveling 

The AirMini’s N30 nasal CPAP mask has nose coverage with its silicone nasal cradle cushion. It reduces red marks by having minimal facial coverage, creating a comfortable fit. 

Convenient for Traveling

Unlike the traditional AirFit N30 nasal mask, the AirMini’s N30 is compact and convenient for traveling. Further, its waterless humidification promises traveling convenience because you won’t need to worry about having distilled water when traveling. 

Minimalist for Traveling

With fewer parts, this mask makes it easy to take on the go with simple assembly, fitting, packing, and cleaning. The AirMini’s AirFit N30 has three pieces:

  • N30 connector
  • AirMini tubing 
  • Waterless humidification

Care Tips for Your AirMini Mask

Taking care of your CPAP equipment is essential, even when you are traveling. Follow these recommendations for maintenance and care to keep your N30 mask in a healthy condition: 

  • Wash your nasal cushions daily
  • Clean your headgear and tubing weekly in a warm water and mild soap solution
  • Remove the HumidX cartridges before washing your mask