Fisher & Paykel Nasal Pillows Mask Assembly Kit - Brevida

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Fisher & Paykel's Brevida Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask Assembly Kit not only gives you comfort for a great night's sleep but also gives you confidence in your CPAP therapy. This Brevida Assembly Kit comes with adjustable headgear and two soft AirPillow Seals. These AirPillows form a gentle "pillow" of air during treatment, adapting and curving to provide a custom fit. 

Brevida's core components feature VisaBlue highlighting, making mask assembly and maintenance a snap.

AirPillow: Ultra-Thin, Super Soft, and Gently Effective

The innovative AirPillow Nasal Cushion softly seals in and around the nose for comfort and features stabilizing side supports that help minimize dislodgement while sleeping. It inflates to form a gentle, effective, and extra-thin seal. Brevida's nasal pillow seal provides a looser fit than other masks. This makes it less invasive and more comfortable and relaxing to wear.

Eco-Friendly Diffuser, Almost the Sound of a Whisper

The Brevida is an exceptionally quiet mask at less than 31 decibels. But it can become even quieter when you use it with your included Eco-Friendly Elbow Diffuser. In addition, this diffuser is washable and reusable to reduce waste and costs. Moreover, it reduces sound levels by approximately 5 decibels and keeps exhalation drafts to a minimum as well!

360° Swivel Elbow with Flexible Tube

F&P's Brevida has a 360-degree swivel elbow paired with a short, flexible delivery tube that extends from the body of the elbow. This short tube and swivel provide a lightweight and flexible connection to your main breathing tube. This minimizes pressure and pull on the face and tubing. Additionally, having two 360-degree swivels on the end of the elbow and tube provides greater tube positioning flexibility.

VisiBlue Highlights: Easy to Orient, Assemble, and Disassemble

VisiBlue highlights offer light cues, making the mask easy to orient, assemble, and disassemble. Fisher & Paykel have combined intelligent innovations and technologies to create the CPAP masks of the future.

Brevida Assembly Kit Includes Two Sizes for Custom Fit

The Brevida Nasal Pillow Mask is available in two sizes — extra small/small and medium/large — to fit a wide range of users. The assembly kit includes both sizes so that you can try each one and find your best fit.