Fisher & Paykel Nasal Mask Assembly Kit - Eson 2

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The Eson has leveled up — to level 2, to be exact! Fisher and Paykel Eson 2 Nasal Mask boasts 20 improvements from its predecessor, embodying a minimalist design. 

New and Improved Features

  • RollFit Seal
  • Stitchless header
  • Eco-friendly diffuser filter 

This assembly kit comes with a frame and cushion. Headgear must be purchased separately.

Improved Comfort and Fit

The RollFit Seal auto-adjusts the fit at night to adjust for movement while you sleep. This seal is soft, light, and more compact than the originals. In addition, its new design provides more structural support. With these two improvements, this RollFit Seal offers superior comfort and fit than seen before.

As its name implies, the RollFit Seal rolls across the nasal bridge to create a reliable seal. This seal is adaptable and establishes an effective fit without applying substantial pressure on the bridge of the nose. This system makes the Eson 2 perfect for a wide range of faces. 

Minimalist Frame 

The worst part of CPAP therapy is the bulkiness and restriction that comes with a CPAP mask. That’s why Fisher and Paykel created the slimmer Easy Frame. This frame is stable, provides a clear line of sight, and gives you the freedom you thought you needed to give up with your sleep therapy. In addition, this frame fits all three seal sizes, so you can easily change sizes if needed.

Reduced Sound Levels by 33%

Fisher and Paykel Eson 2 Nasal CPAP Mask reduces noise with its eco-friendly diffuser. This mask is extremely quiet at 31 dBA — about the level of a whisper! In addition, the assembly kit includes an elbow diffuser to decrease that 31 dBa to 21 dBa — the level of rustling leaves! 

The diffuser disperses air to reduce airflow, and the eco-friendly diffuser filter improves air filtration. In addition, the Eson 2’s diffuser is now also washable — even more eco-friendly! 

VisiBlue Highlights for Easy Assembly and Fitting

Fisher and Paykel Eson 2 Nasal Mask incorporates blue highlights to act as visual cues making orientation, assembly, and disassembly effortless. This header is simple, stitchless, and soft to the touch.