ClimateLineAir™ 11 Heated Tube for AirSense™ 11 Machines

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ClimateLineAir 11 = Freedom of Movement                                                         

The ClimateLineAir 11 will improve your therapy comfort and compliance night after night! It's even compatible with RedMed's AirSense 11.

In addition, the ClimateLineAir 11 offers an integrated heat unit that prevents condensation inside the tubing. It's well equipped with a swivel connection that improves freedom of movement.

Here's What You Can Expect About the ClimateLineAir 11

  • Helps Active Sleepers Get Their Best Sleep
  • Contains Built-In Sensor That Ensures Optimal Temperature Levels
  • Manages Temperature and Humidity Settings with Ease with its Climate Feature
  • Shown to Improve CPAP Adherence Making it Great for New Users

Now Active Sleepers Can Have Their Best Sleep

This product is specifically designed for anyone using the AirSense 11. Its slim size tubing offers extended flexibility and temperature and humidification control. It also helps prevent the tubing from getting tangled in your bedding.

Optimal Temperature Levels with Built-In Sensor

The ClimateLineAir 11's built-in sensor is designed to continuously monitor the temperature of your heated tubing and humidification equipment. Then when you pair it with a ResMed HumidAir heated humidifier, you can use the Climate Control feature! This element automatically adjusts the humidity levels to provide optimal comfort. The sensor can be set between 60° and 86°F (16° and 30°C).

Allows You to Easily Manage Temperature and Humidity Settings

When using the ClimateLineAir 11 and your device's humidifier simultaneously, you will be able to use the Climate Control element on your machine. This function helps you modify or maintain constant temperature and humidity levels during therapy. This will enhance your treatment and help to prevent dry mouth. In addition, you can set the mode to Auto or Manual, whichever fits your lifestyle. 

Shown to Improve CPAP Adherence for New Users

One retrospective analysis conducted by ResMed showed that sleep apnea patients who used ClimateLineAir heated tubing versus standard tubing in the first 90 days of sleep apnea therapy had improved CPAP adherence. If you have recently been diagnosed with sleep apnea and want to boost your compliance outcomes, the ClimateLineAir 11 can certainly help!

Simple to Clean

It's best to clean the tubing every week to get the most out of it. 

  • Use warm water and mild shampoo 
  • Rinse well and wash away any remaining soap
  • Hang the tubing over a towel rack allow it to dry away from direct sunlight

What's Included

  • ClimateLineAir 11 Heated Tubing