WhisperSoft Tubing Kit for Transcend Micro CPAP Machines

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WhisperSoft Tubing Kit for Transcend Micro CPAP Machine

If you’re bothered by the acoustic noise made by your Transcend Micro CPAP Machine, you can use the WhisperSoft Tubing Kit to soften sound levels. Now you can achieve a peaceful night’s sleep with as minimal noise as possible. 

Less Noise, More Sleep

With the WhisperSoft Tubing Kit, you get a special inline noise reduction adapter along with a short tube that connects the adapter to your Transcend Micro CPAP machine. 


The clever little adapter comes with a foam layer inside that baffles sound levels and acoustic noises emanating from the machine. If you need more quiet while you or your partner sleep, you’ll definitely want this handy accessory. 

Easy Installation

Attach the WhisperSoft adapter to your Transcend Micro CPAP machine's outlet port using the short tube included in the kit. It’s a lightweight and flexible solution that doesn’t interrupt the operation of your CPAP tubing, mask, or machine. 

Easy to Maintain

Simply use your normal CPAP equipment cleaning practices with your WhisperSoft Tubing Kit parts. The user manual comes with complete, step-by-step use and care instructions. 

What’s Included:

  • WhisperSoft inline noise-reducing adapter
  • Short connection tube