Universal Hose & Mask Maintenance Adapter Kit for SoClean CPAP Sanitizers

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Universal Maintenance Adapter Kit for SoClean Sanitizers

When it comes to getting the most out of your CPAP therapy, your search for a hassle-free sanitization solution begins and ends with the Universal Hose & Mask Maintenance Adapter Kit for SoClean CPAP sanitizers. 


It’s designed with precision to bridge the gap between convenience and comprehensive cleaning. 

Unmatched Compatibility

Designed for seamless function with all SoClean CPAP sanitizers, this adapter kit is the Swiss Army knife of CPAP maintenance, putting the tools you need at your fingertips. No matter the brand or model of your CPAP machine, SoClean's adapter kit ensures you have a universal solution for keeping your system fresh, clean, and functioning correctly.


At the core of SoClean's Universal Hose & Mask Maintenance Adapter Kit is a suite of features that simplify your CPAP maintenance routine:


  • Easy Installation and Use — With its user-friendly design, setting up your adapter kit is quick and easy, making it more likely that you’ll keep up with the prescribed maintenance schedule.
  • Long-term Durability — Engineered for longevity, this kit's robust construction means it's built to last, ensuring your investment goes a long way.
  • Versatility — Excellent for use at home or on the road, this kit easily adapts to your lifestyle.


The Universal Hose & Mask Maintenance Adapter Kit for SoClean CPAP Sanitizers offers serious benefits for regular CPAP users. 


Complete with hose sleeves, this kit enables seamless attachment of SoClean 2 and 3 Series Sanitizers directly to CPAP masks and tubing, which bypasses the need for a direct connection to your CPAP machine. This versatile kit works with all CPAP masks and tubing, including standard, slim, performance, and heated options.


With the Universal SoClean Universal Mask & Tubing Adapter Kit, sanitizing your masks and tubing is an effortless endeavor, ideal for CPAP users who use multiple masks and tubes requiring frequent sanitization. 


By ensuring a thorough cleaning, this adapter kit eliminates 99.9% of CPAP bacteria, germs, and other nasties, paving the way to healthier and more comfortable sleep therapy. Regular use of the SoClean adapter kit can extend the usable life of your CPAP equipment, safeguarding your investment and reducing the need for potentially costly repairs and replacements.

Universal Hose & Mask Maintenance Adapter Kit Includes:

1x adapter for hose and mask maintenance

2x hose adapter sleeves