ResMed Nasal Cushion - AirFit N20

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ResMed AirFit N20 Nasal Cushion

The AirFit N20 InfinitySeal nasal cushions come with unique “infinity” loops and different thickness levels. These features help prevent air leakage and offer support to the sides of the nose while also relieving pressure on the nasal bridge. 


The soft, frosted surfaces of InfinitySeal provide a more natural feel on your skin and ensure a secure seal, even when using sleep therapy at high-pressure levels.

Design and Sizing 

The InfinitySeal nasal cushions are available in three sizes: small, medium, and large. These sizes can be used interchangeably on any AirFit N20 or AirFit N20 For Her mask frame. 


If you're interested in trying a different size for your N20 mask, you can buy a new cushion size and attach it to your existing mask frame. The AirFit N20 Cushions come in different sizes, which can be recognized by a large letter (S, M, or L) printed on the base of the cushion.


The ResMed AirFit N20 nasal cushion can be ordered without a prescription.