ResMed Mask Headgear - Mirage FX

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This adjustable SoftEdge Headgear is designed for use with all Mirage FX & Mirage FX For Her CPAP Masks. SoftEdge headgear uses a unique textile composition that is soft, flexible and breathable to improve comfort and support for users.

Mirage FX SoftEdge Headgear straps have rounded, seamless edges to reduce touch points, marks and discomfort. The headgear's form-fitting design springs to life, ready to fit and wear.

SIZING: SoftEdge headgear is available in two sizes -- Standard and Small. Standard headgear is generally included with Mirage FX Mask Packs. Small headgear is generally included with Mirage FX For Her Mask Packs. Any headgear size and color will work with any Mirage FX Series mask.

COLORS: Mirage SoftEdge Headgear has been produced in several color variations. Currently Standard headgear is available in gray with light blue highlights; and Small headgear is available in all gray as well as gray with pink highlights.