ResMed Frame Replacement - AirFit F30i

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ResMed AirFit F30i Frame Replacement

The ResMed AirFit F30i Frame Replacement consists of only the frame and does not include the cushion or other parts. This frame is only compatible with the F30i. It will not work with any other mask including the AirFit F30 Full Face CPAP Mask. 

Maintaining your mask's functionality is essential to ensure effective CPAP therapy. To do that, you must replace your parts when necessary. It will help if you replace your AirFit F30i Frame every three months. 

About the ResMed AirFit F30i Frame Replacement 

The AirFit F30i frame is a SpringFit frame that shapes to your face by stretching and flexing. The outer layer is made of silicone with a soft touch. This frame is excellent for active sleepers as it adapts to your sleeping movements through the night. All in all, this frame guarantees a personalized mask fit. 

Additionally, this frame is hollowed so that air can move through it. This makes disconnection and reconnection of the tube easier if you get up at night. 

Learn more about the AirFit™ F30i here

Replacement Parts for Your AirFit F30i

It is important to replace your CPAP mask parts regularly and consistently. Follow this guide when replacing your AirFit F30i parts:

Frame: Replace Every Three Months

You should purchase a replacement frame every three months because it is close to your face.

Cushion: Replace Monthly

Because the cushion is in contact with your face, it will deteriorate and wear out over time. Using an old mask in poor condition could cause hygienical issues.

Tubing: Replace Every Three Months

You must replace CPAP tubing regularly because it can develop unseen tears or holes that will affect the effectiveness of your CPAP therapy. After all, these holes can cause your pressure to be at reduced force.

Headgear: Every Six Months

Over time, the headgear stretches out and loses its elasticity. To maintain a secure seal, you must replace your headgear twice a year.