ResMed Full Face Cushion - Ultra Mirage II

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These replacement full face cushions are designed for use with all Ultra Mirage Full Face and Mirage Series 2 CPAP Masks.

Shallow cushions have a narrower opening towards the bridge of the nose and may be a better fit for people with flatter noses and nasal bridges. The cushion DOES NOT include the cushion clip.

COMPATIBILITY: These cushions will only work with Ultra Mirage Full Face and Mirage Series 2 Full Face Masks; they will NOT work with Ultra Mirage Nasal Masks or Mirage Quattro Full Face masks.

SIZING: Each cushion will ONLY fit the corresponding mask size: SmallStandard (16604) and SmallShallow (16671) cushions will fit any Small mask. MediumStandard (16605) and MediumShallow (16672) cushions will fit any Medium mask. LargeStandard (16606) and LargeShallow (16673) cushions will fit any Large mask.