Replacement PureFresh Foam Filter for Transcend Micro CPAP Machines - 2 Pack

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PureFresh Transcend Micro CPAP Filter Replacement (2 Pack)

Effective CPAP therapy requires keeping your machine and parts clean and in good condition. Every CPAP machine, including the PureFresh Transcend Micro CPAP machine, requires users to replace the filters periodically for the best possible treatment. 

How Often Should You Clean Your Filter?

Clean your PureFresh filters with water and soap every week. The foam pollen filters are reusable for up to six months.

How Often Should You Replace Your Filter?

At the minimum, you should replace your Transcend Micro PureFresh air filter every six months for healthy and optimum CPAP therapy. Replace sooner if you notice wear and tear on the filters.

How to Replace Your PureFresh Transcend Micro CPAP Filter

  1. First, press the tab on the right side of the filter cover and remove it. 
  2. Take out the old filter and throw it away. Insert the new replacement filter.
  3. Replace the device’s filter cover and snap it into place. 

What’s Included

  • Two Transcend Micro PureFresh replacement air filters