Philips Respironics Full Face Mask Assembly Kit - Amara Gel

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Two Cushion Options

The Amara Gel Assembly Kit comes with the frame and cushion, but headgear must be purchased separately. The newest version of the Amare comes with two full face cushion options: gel and silicone. 

  • Blue Gel Cushion — Comfortable, soft, and stable. The gel cushion has a smooth outer shell that conforms to your face creating an exceptional seal, while a thicker inner wall provides support and stability.  
  • Clear Silicone Cushion — Gentle, lightweight, and comfortable. The silicone cushion has a more traditional fit, sealing the mask with the airflow from the CPAP machine itself. The cushion gently seals to your face without any pinching or pressure points. 

Simplicity is Key

With just four parts, the Amara is easy to clean and maintain. The cushion comes off with one click for cleaning and quickly snaps back into place when you're done — there's no cushion clip to break, lose, or replace!.

The Amara is designed to be simply easy to use. It's easy to fit, easy to put on, and easy to take off — even one-handed.

Lightweight and Extra Quiet 

20% lighter than the leading full face mask, the Amara eliminates pressure on the face and drag on the headgear, creating a lightweight feeling yet remaining less susceptible to leaks. In addition, its angled Micro-Exhalation Ports in the mask elbow provide quiet air diffusion away from yourself and your bed partner. 

A Fine-Glide Forehead Support

Amara's fine-glide forehead adjuster allows you to change the forehead pad depth in tiny increments. It's excellent for fine-tuning your mask fit and eliminating leaks with just one hand. You can also upgrade to the premium forehead pad, which distributes pressure evenly across the forehead, reducing pressure points and discomfort.

Find Your Perfect Size 

The updated Amara Full Face Mask Assembly Kit is available in petite, small, medium, and large. 

All of these sizes fit onto a single unified frame size identical to the popular "RS" Reduced Size frame that was available on original Amara mask packs. The Standard Amara Frame Size has been discontinued. All Amara cushions will fit on both RS and Standard frame sizes.