Fisher & Paykel Full Face Mask Assembly Kit - Vitera

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The Vitera Full Face Mask Assembly Kit

Confidence + comfort = a great night’s sleep!

Fisher & Paykel combined these to make the Vitera full-face CPAP mask. The Vitera has features that promote a comfortable sleep apnea treatment designed for CPAP or BiPAP therapy. 

Features Include:

  • Dynamic Support: Expanded support zone with stability bar
  • Roll Fit XT Seal: Seal rolls back and forth across the nose.
  • Low Profile Frame: Minimalist for a clear line of sight.
  • VisiBlue Highlighting: These lights make mask assembly and maintenance easy.
  • VentiCool Headgear: A more comfortable experience. Headgear must be purchased separately. 

A Better Fit with Better Support

Most standard full-face CPAP masks have a narrow vertical support zone. This narrowness leads to leaks, pinching, over-tightening, and uncomfortable and unsuccessful sleep apnea therapy. The Vitera offers dynamic support with a RollFit XT Seal and Stability Bar. These features expand the support zone enabling a better fit for all users and more comfortable and successful sleep therapy. 

The RollFit XT Cushion Seal

The RollFit XT Seal auto-adjusts during sleep by rolling back and forth on the nose. This reduces pressure on the bridge of the nose, and increases overall seal and comfort. As a result, this seal is excellent for any sleeping position. The Vitera mask dynamically adapts as patients move throughout the night with its stability panels for optimal sealing performance. In addition, the RollFit XT Seal extends 93% further than its predecessor, the Simplus RollFit Seal.

Minimal, Low-Profile Frame

Many people feel like their CPAP mask is intrusive and bulky. To eliminate intrusiveness, the Vitera offers a slim and minimalist frame for a clear line of sight. Now you can read or watch TV in bed while also enjoying less restrictive and cumbersome sleep.

In addition, one frame fits all seal sizes. So, changing your mask size is as easy as buying a new cushion.

VisiBlue Highlights 

With blue highlights incorporated into the mask, the Vitera is easy to assemble and fit with its visual blue light cues. These lights make it easier to orient, assemble, and disassemble.