Apr 14th 2021

Why Does My CPAP Smell After Using SoClean?

Maintaining a regular cleaning schedule for your CPAP machine is essential in keeping dust, mold, germs, and bacteria from your equipment. This article will explain how the SoClean cleaning process works, why your CPAP smells after using SoClean (and tips on removing the smell), and the signs that your machine and equipment should be cleaned immediately.

Why Does My CPAP Smell After Using SoClean?

It’s common to experience a strong odor after using SoClean for the first time with your CPAP equipment. The smell is a byproduct of the activated oxygen-ozone cleaning the equipment. The strong odor could be caused by previous materials used to clean the CPAP machine (vinegar or scented soaps). It’s also common for a smell to occur on a brand-new piece of CPAP equipment.

The good news is the odor will dissolve over time when using your SoClean product.

What is Activated Oxygen?

Activated oxygen is a powerful, natural sanitizing agent that cleans your CPAP equipment without harsh chemicals. It’s been used by hospitals, food productions, and water purification systems for many years to safely and effectively clean products.

How activated oxygen works

Activated oxygen is created when a third atom of oxygen is combined with the two-atom oxygen molecule. To effectively work, the SoClean machine uses the room’s air to generate the activated oxygen. It is then pumped through the CPAP equipment, cleaning it. The activated oxygen destroys molds, bacteria, and viruses that could be living inside your CPAP equipment.

Activated oxygen can safely and thoroughly clean products without water and harsh, smelly chemicals. Learn more about the SoClean 2 CPAP & Mask Cleaner.

Safe to Use

The activated oxygen-ozone is safe and compatible with your CPAP equipment. Any odors you smell are part of the cleaning process and are safe. The smell will disappear over time.

4 Ways to Remove Your SoClean Smell

Even though the odor will decrease over time, here are some tips to speed up the process.

  • Increase the cleaning time to 11 minutes for a few weeks, then decrease it back to 7 minutes
  • Blow air through your CPAP mask for 5 minutes before using it
  • Run your CPAP machine for 10 minutes before using it
  • Don’t use any fragrance products to clean your equipment

4 Signs of a Dirty CPAP Machine

Since you breathe using your CPAP machine every night, it’s essential to keep it clean. Your machine can collect dust, mold, germs, and bacteria daily. Cleaning your device every day will help to keep you healthy and breathing well.

Below are four signs of a dirty CPAP machine and that it should be cleaned immediately.

There’s a Smell

If you smell mildew, mold, or a foul odor, it could be a sign of mold or bacteria buildup. Clean your machine and equipment immediately, a dirty device can cause many health issues.

Look for Dirt

Review all parts of your CPAP equipment for dirt, discoloration, or moisture buildup. If you see any of those signs, your equipment will need to be cleaned or replaced.

Here’s a list of all parts you should review:

  • CPAP machine
  • CPAP filters
  • Mask
  • Tubing
  • Humidifier

Skin Irritations

A sign of dirt buildup is acne, peeling skin, or soreness. If you have any of those signs, be sure to clean your mask immediately. If you still have problems after cleaning, consider if you’re wearing your mask too tight or if you need a new mask size.

Increase Infections

If you’re getting sick more often (coughing, sinus infection, etc.), it could be from the bacteria buildup with your machine. Clean your machine and parts immediately, then make sure you have a consistent, daily cleaning schedule in place.

Maintain a Regular Cleaning Schedule

Maintaining a regular cleaning schedule will help your machine run efficiently and keep you healthy. The SoClean product will keep your equipment clean from bacteria and mold without using harsh chemicals. Now you understand why your CPAP smells after using SoClean. The smell will disappear over repeated use, and you can sleep confidently knowing your machine is clean and safe to use.

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