Apr 26th 2024

Where to Buy a CPAP Machine

Sleep apnea disrupts sleep, steals energy, and can impact your health. A CPAP machine can be a life-changing device that helps you breathe easier and sleep more soundly. When your doctor recommends a CPAP machine, you’ll need to make two very important decisions: which machine to buy and where to buy it.

We’ve put together this handy guide to help you find the best place to buy a CPAP machine online and a checklist of features to look for when you start shopping. You’ll have everything you need to find the right CPAP machine and start sleeping better.

Tips for Finding the Right Online CPAP Store

When shopping for a CPAP machine, start by finding a reputable seller. Here are a few things to look for to ensure an easy and safe online shopping experience.

Verify Legitimacy

Always buy from a legitimate online retailer. CPAP machines are medical devices, and you’ll need a prescription to buy one. Don’t purchase a machine from a store that will sell you one without a prescription. Also, check their online reviews and ratings to see what other customers experience when working with them.

Prioritize Security

Always make sure the website uses secure transactions before entering your payment information. You can do this by looking for “https” in the URL and a padlock symbol next to it. This will ensure your data is protected, and your payment information is safe.

Look for Customer Support

A reliable online CPAP store will offer customer support and a straightforward way to contact help. Verify that the store has a physical address, phone number, and email address. Beware of stores that don’t offer multiple contact methods, as it’s a sign they may not make themselves available to you if you experience any issues.

Choosing Your CPAP

Once you’ve found a reliable online retailer, it’s time to choose your CPAP machine. There are many CPAP machines to choose from, but knowing the most important features will help you quickly narrow down which machine will best suit your needs.

Auto-Adjusting CPAP Machines (APAP)

  • Pressure range that accommodates your needs as determined by your sleep study
  • Data tracking so you and your doctor can monitor apnea events and leak rates
  • Ramp time allows you to gradually increase the pressure, making it easier to fall asleep
  • Humidification prevents dry airways, so it’s more comfortable to use

We recommend:

The ResMed AirSense™ 11 AutoSet™ CPAP Machine is a feature-rich CPAP that offers personalized sleep apnea therapy with automatic pressure adjustments, a super quiet motor, and humidification. It also connects with the RedMed app to track your data and easily share it with your doctor.

Travel CPAP Machines

  • Portability so you can easily fit the machine in your luggage
  • Battery-powered machines won’t require you to find an open outlet when on the go
  • Universal power supplies adapt to different electrical outlets worldwide

We recommend:

Sleep apnea sufferers can keep up with their therapy on the go with the ResMed AirMini AutoSet Travel CPAP Machine. The AirMini AutoSet is excellent for conquering sleep apnea during business trips, family vacations, or even on a cruise. It’s an ultra-portable CPAP that offers waterless humidification, quiet operation, and battery pack capability.

Bi-Level Positive Airway Pressure (BiPAP) Machines

  • Suitable pressure settings for inhalation and exhalation as prescribed by your doctor
  • Expiratory relief makes breathing feel more comfortable and natural
  • Data tracking makes it easy for your doctor to make adjustments if needed
  • Simple user interface so it’s easy to navigate the complex settings of a BiPAP machine

We recommend:

If you need more advanced pressure support, the ResMed BiPAP Unit AirCurve 10 Vauto can provide it. This machine delivers two distinct pressure levels that keep your airway open as you inhale while making it easier to exhale. ResMed’s BiPAP algorithm automatically adjusts the pressure based on your need, so you get a better night’s sleep.

Sleep Better With GoCPAP

Choosing the right CPAP machine can help you conquer sleep apnea, regain energy, and protect your health. Working with a trusted retailer can help you find a machine that will become a seamless part of your nightly routine. is your one-stop shop for all your CPAP needs. We offer a wide range of top brands, like ResMed, at competitive prices. Our customer service team is always happy to answer any questions and help you find the right CPAP solution.

Don’t let sleep apnea disturb another night of rest. Visit our online store today and start looking forward to a better night’s sleep.