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Power Solutions

  • ResMed AirMini 20W AC Power Supply
    USAGE: This Universal Power Supply will automatically adapt to voltages in most countries worldwide. (A plug adapter may be required for use outside of North America.) It is the only power supply that should be used with AirMini sleep therapy...
  • ResMed AirMini DC Converter

    ResMed AirMini DC Converter

    $89.00 $89.00
    USAGE: This is the only DC Cord that should be used with ResMed's AirMini Portable Auto-CPAP sleep therapy devices. Using a non-ResMed DC Converter with your ResMed CPAP machine may damage the device. This cord will not work with any other ResMed...
  • Somnetics Transcend 365 Auto miniCPAP P10 Battery
    LIGHTWEIGHT & POWERFUL BATTERY POWERHow does Transcend 365 get by using such small, compact, lightweight batteries? The answer is simple: Innovative electronics don't need much power, much like FAA-approved lithium-ion batteries like those used in...
  • Somnetics Transcend 365 Auto miniCPAP Universal AC Power Supply
    This Somnetics Transcend 365 Auto miniCPAP Universal AC Power Supply is designed to power the Transcend miniCPAP Machine. It will also recharge Transcend P10 Battery Packs that are either separate from the machine or with the battery attached in series...
  • Transcend P8 Battery

    Transcend P8 Battery

    $290.00 $290.00
    At about the size of a deck of cards, Transcend miniCPAP battery options provide portable power so you can sleep anywhere. Transcend miniCPAP batteries also provide backup power during storms and brown outs for uninterrupted therapy. Compatible with...