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  • ResMed AirMini Mount System

    ResMed AirMini Mount System

    $39.00 $39.00
    This kit includes the Bed Caddy Mount and three modules: the Mattress Module, the Hook Module, and the Wall Module, along with instructions on how to properly use each to secure your AirMini Auto-CPAP in various configurations. Mattress Module: The...
  • ResMed H3i Top Cover & Seal for 4i Water Chamber
    This is the Flip-Top Lid (Cover) and Seal that closes and covers the removable humidifier chamber used on all HumidAire 4i (H4i) Humidifiers.   COMPATIBLITY: This Flip-Top lid is compatible with all H4i Heated Humidifiers. It can also be used...
  • Somnetics Transcend 365 Auto miniCPAP

    Somnetics Transcend 365 Auto miniCPAP

    $599.00 $599.00
    Try it risk-free for 60-nights*! The world’s only battery-powered portable CPAP and integrated heated humidifier. Anywhere. Every night. That’s what Transcend 365 was designed for. Transcend 365 is the first and only fully integrated...
  • Somnetics Transcend 365 Auto miniCPAP Heater Wick
    The Somnetics Transcend 365 Auto miniCPAP Heater Wick is a 6-pack heater wick used to vaporize the water in the humidifier reservoir. Note that this is specifically designed to be used with your Transcend 365 device. This should be replaced monthly to...
  • Somnetics Transcend 365 Auto miniCPAP Humidifier Water Chamber
    USAGE: The Transcend 365 Water Chamber should be completely emptied and dried before moving or travelling with the humidifier. This water chamber is intended for use ONLY with distilled water. Using tap or bottled water could ruin the machine or...