Comfort & Cleaning

  • Contour CPAP MAX Bed Pillow 2.0

    Contour CPAP MAX Bed Pillow 2.0

    $59.95 - $69.95
    CPAPMax CPAP Bed Pillow 2.0 This Contour CPAP Max Bed Pillow 2.0 is designed exclusively for those who use PAP machines. This pillow reduces shifting and interference with the mask, eliminating leaks and noise. In addition, its shape minimizes facial...
  • Injection Hose for SoClean Series CPAP Sanitizers
    This Injection Hose is required whenever a SoClean series CPAP Sanitizer is used with a heated humidifier. USAGE: In use the injection hose extends from the SoClean's CPAP tubing adapter to the humidifier chamber. It should be replaced as needed...
  • Luxury Memory Foam Anti-Fatigue Eye Mask
    Luxury Memory Foam Anti-Fatigue Eye Mask Meet the Luxury Memory Foam Anti-Fatigue eye mask by Best in Rest. The eye mask's design puts comfort at the center of the design. Featuring premium gel inserts, ear plugs, and a traveling bag, the eye mask allows...
  • Nuwave Combo CPAP Sanitizer

    Nuwave Combo CPAP Sanitizer

    $229.00 $229.00
    All-In-One Cleaning The NUWAVE® Plus CPAP Sanitizing Unit comes with the NUWAVE® ozone generator, a large, a travel-size sanitizing chamber which allows you to sanitize all your CPAP equipment at home or on the go. You set your CPAP mask and...
  • SoClean Device Disinfector Organizer
    This organizer keeps your personal items separated, protected and allows you to fit multiple items in the Device Disinfector chamber without overlap, so you can maximize each Cycle. From eyewear to smartphones, each item fits neatly in its own...
  • SoClean Air Purifier

    SoClean Air Purifier

    $598.00 $598.00
    This SoClean Air Purifier is up to 3,000 times more effective than HEPA standards. The SoClean Air Purifier eliminates up to 99.9999% of allergens, viruses, bacteria, mold, and dust* before you breathe them in. Lightweight and portable, move the SoClean...
  • Sunset CPAP Mask Cleaning Spray

    Sunset Mask Cleaning Spray

    $15.99 $15.99
    The Sunset CPAP Mask Cleaning Spray is an all-natural spray that offers a cleaning solution that eliminates bacteria buildup on your CPAP mask. Offers you maximum cleanliness. This cleaning spray can help you clean your mask from all the nooks and...