Breas HDM Z2 PowerShell Module for Z1/Z2 With Extended Life Battery

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STURDY, INTEGRATED & CONVENIENT.  The PowerShell is built to last, incorporating a soft, padded neoprene skin over a solid skeleton. Battery Modules and the Z1 or Z2 CPAP Machine slide and click into place in the PowerShell to create a single, sturdy, integrated unit. The PowerShell even includes a handy lanyard so you can hang your CPAP in a tent or on your headboard if you prefer not to rest it next to the bed.

THE POWER YOU NEED.  The PowerShell holds a single battery module that will last, on average, 1-2 nights between charges. This package will work with original Z1 batteries, but it comes with a Z1 & Z2 Extended Life Battery that offers twice the power of the original. Battery modules will automatically recharge in the PowerShell when it is plugged into AC or DC power. The Z1 CPAP machine does NOT need to be in the PowerShell when batteries are charging. If the Z1 CPAP machine is in the PowerShell during charging then it must be placed in standby mode for the battery to charge.

GREAT FOR HOME & AWAY.  The PowerShell is designed for nights away from home, under the stars, in the air, and on the road; but it can also be used as a backup power supply, automatically taking over if your CPAP loses AC power during a storm, power outage, or blackout!

NOTES: This package does not include the CPAP machine which is sold separately on this site. When the PowerShell is not in use, the battery module should be removed from it to preserve battery charge.