Oct 25th 2021

What Is The Best CPAP Cleaner?

Cleaning your CPAP machine is an essential part of keeping it in tip-top condition for continued use. However, it may feel overwhelming to figure out which CPAP cleaning device is the best option for you and your machine. Luckily, deciphering the best CPAP cleaner that will fit your needs is as simple as reading this post.

Why Cleaning Your CPAP Is Important

Your CPAP machine needs to be cleaned regularly for several important reasons. First, the cleaning process prevents infections and illnesses, such as pneumonia. Additionally, substances like oil, sweat, and even dead skin tend to collect in your mask after repeated use. Then, since the interior of your CPAP machine is moist by design, it can become a breeding ground for germs.

For those reasons, thoroughly sanitizing your CPAP machine after each use ensures that it's hygienic and ready to be used again without the risk of exposing you to germs.

How to Clean a CPAP Machine

To clean your CPAP machine well and ensure healthy therapy treatment, you should always use sanitizer and cleaner specific to the equipment. In addition, remember that your CPAP machine, mask, tubing, and other machinery accessories will all need thorough cleanings.

In short, CPAP cleaning equipment utilizes ozone gas and UV light therapy to make killing germs a breeze.

In this section, we'll explore some of the best CPAP cleaners on the market that you should consider to practice good hygiene and health with your equipment.

SoClean 3 CPAP Sanitizing Machine

Are you looking for a fresh and new option for your CPAP cleaning needs? The brand new SoClean 3 CPAP Sanitizing Machine is an excellent choice that is now available for pre-order. This machine allows for the easy sanitization of your mask, hose, and water reservoir. Below are some of the innovative features and impressive benefits of this device.

Functional Design

The SoClean 3 CPAP Sanitizing Machine has a spring-loaded lid that is easy to operate. Furthermore, the machine is small, making it a space saver. It will have a small footprint on your counter or wherever you store it on a day-to-day basis. This sanitizer also has a clever USB phone charging port, which allows you to plug your phone right in for a charge if all of your outlets are full.

No Disassembly Required

Another benefit of this machine is that it doesn't require users to disassemble their CPAP components daily, which is a big-time saver.

Trusted Technology

The SoClean 3 maintains every part of your sleep equipment thanks to its trusted cleaning technology. This device allows you the peace of mind you crave, knowing that your equipment is far cleaner than it would be if you used soap and water alone to clean it. This device blends the beauty of science with the power of nature for seamless and reliable maintenance.

Simple Operation

Operating this machine is simple. There is a cycle start delay option, allowing you to schedule your cycle for two, four, or eight hours ahead of time. When you place your equipment in the chamber, the machine will automatically start the cleaning cycle once you close the lid and hit start. The indicator icons conveniently show the progress of the cleaning cycle every step of the way. The large illuminated buttons and easy-to-read LED display make operation a breeze.

Fresh Air Feature

The SoClean 3 has a Fresh Air feature that is quite impressive. If you ever forget to run a maintenance cycle, you can quickly ensure your sleep equipment is fresh and ready. Add your equipment to the chamber, and in five minutes, it will be fresh and ready for use.

The SoClean 3 machine requires replacement filters every six months. The machine's technology allows it to indicate expired, missing, or counterfeit filters during use.

Anyone looking for a cutting-edge cleaning solution that utilizes all the newest technology and has all the bells and whistles of convenience should pre-order this machine today.

3B Medical Lumin CPAP & Mask Cleaner

The 3B Medical Lumin CPAP & Mask Cleaner is another top contender for the best CPAP cleaner. We share some of its most notable features below.

Dry Cleaning Method

Similar to the SoClean 3, this model also does not use water in the cleaning cycle. This means there is no manual or air drying process needed after cleaning finishes.

High-Tech Cleaning Method

Where this machine differs, though, is in the fact that it uses high-powered ultraviolet light rather than activated oxygen. This light works as an efficient germicide, killing off 99 percent of bacteria, mold, and fungus on your equipment.

Fast Cleaning Cycle & Simple Process

This machine takes only five minutes to complete a cleaning cycle. Before adding your mask and water reservoir to the cleaning chamber, you have to wipe each piece down quickly. Users love the simple control button to turn on the Lumin. A chime will indicate that the cleaning cycle is complete.

Users love that you can use your CPAP machine immediately after the Lumin's cleaning cycle has ended.

Additional Household Uses

In addition, this machine features the capability of disinfecting other small household items, like a toothbrush, glasses, remotes, or even dentures.

Low Maintenance

Finally, the Lumin cleaning machine does not require any replacement parts or ongoing maintenance. Although the ultraviolet light bulb is replaceable, the original bulb should last the device's entire lifetime.

Although this machine has a slightly higher price point, it has some fantastic features that offer convenience and peace of mind when it comes to having a clean CPAP machine.

VirtuCLEAN 2.0 CPAP Cleaner & Sanitizer

Another excellent option for CPAP cleaning is the VirtuCLEAN 2.0 Cleaner & Sanitizer. We delve into all of its noteworthy features below.

High-Tech & Effective Sanitizing

This machine eradicates 99.9 percent of harmful bacteria, viruses, and mold that can exist on your CPAP equipment. This device uses ozone gas for effective cleaning and has a port that connects to the CPAP tube. This connection facilitates a closed circulation loop, restricting the ozone from leaking into the air around it. That means that this device is suitable for use in any indoor space.

The VirtuCLEAN also boasts a carbon filter that works to remove any of the odor that can be associated with ozone gas. However, this filter will need to be replaced every six months for optimum performance.

Straightforward Setup

The setup of this machine is straightforward, which is one of the reasons it's so popular. The cleaning machine has a sanitizing bag and the actual device. Besides that, you'll need to gather your CPAP machine components for cleaning and place them into the sanitization bag.

From there, you press the power button, and the sanitization process begins. The device will turn off automatically once the cleaning cycle is complete. The cleaning will take approximately 35 minutes. Then, 30 to 45 minutes after that, your CPAP machine is ready to be reassembled and used.

This cleaner is an effective model that's easy and convenient to use, making it a top choice for many CPAP users.

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