Nov 9th 2022

The Benefits of Heated CPAP Tubing

If you use a CPAP machine, you know that there are a lot of options and accessories available for sleep apnea therapy. It can take a fair amount of experimentation to find just the right settings, equipment, and supplies that will maximize your treatment.

One popular accessory is heating tubing. What exactly does heated tubing do? What are the benefits of heated CPAP tubing? Is it worth the investment?

The Basics of Heated CPAP Tubing

Essential CPAP therapy includes a CPAP machine, a mask, and tubing that connects the two. While many users prefer to stick to the basics for their treatment, many other users find that investing in certain optional accessories can make their experience more enjoyable and effective.

Some patients complain that the air they breathe through their CPAP set-up is too cold. So they used a heated CPAP tube to warm the air flowing into their nose. Warmer air holds moisture better, reducing the possibility of condensation or “rainout” — when your tubing traps air inside, turning it into drops of water and making it more likely that water will collect inside your mask or drip down your face.

Heated CPAP tubing works by running electricity through copper wires that coil through the walls of the tube. The temperature and humidity level of the heated tubing is adjustable depending on the make and model of your CPAP Machine.

As you shop, be aware of potential compatibility issues. Not all accessories are compatible with all CPAP machines and equipment. Even within brands, you may find that certain models don’t always fit every accessory available. Double-check before you buy.

Heated CPAP Tubing Provides Extra Comfort

By warming the air that travels through your CPAP tubing, you may find that your sleep apnea therapy is more comfortable and soothing. With heated CPAP tubing, you’re far less likely to experience unwanted water on your face or in your nose.

However, it is not always required to have a humidifier with your CPAP set-up. Ultimately, it’s up to you — with some guidance from your doctor — to decide which amount of heat and humidity is right for you.

Heated CPAP Tubing Extends Therapy Time

A heated CPAP tube may aid in a more comfortable rest when you use your therapy each night. If you’re a longer sleeper — 7 to 8 hours or more — the heated tubing will help prevent you from becoming too dry or too wet. There’s less of a chance of patients suffering from dry mouths or noses, as well as sore throats and other annoyances.

Remember, as with all CPAP supplies and equipment, heated CPAP tubing needs to be cleaned daily and replaced periodically. CPAP machines and supplies eventually wear out with use. You can expect to get a new heated CPAP tube about every three to six months.

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