Dec 13th 2021

Luna II Auto CPAP Machine Reviews and Comparisons

Due to machine recalls and unexpected shortages, searching for a new CPAP machine might be more challenging than usual. However, the Luna II Auto CPAP machine is currently available and hasn’t been impacted by any recalls.

This article will provide you with the Luna Auto II CPAP features and reviews while comparing this product to the Luna II QX Auto CPAP machine. The chart below gives an overview, while a detailed comparison is provided further in the article.

Luna II Auto CPAP Features

One main benefit of the Luna II Auto CPAP machine is that it’s available with a heated humidifier! The added humidifier makes it ideal for allergy sufferers or patients who need high-pressure treatments. Some of the other leading features include:

  • Share sleep data with your doctor via WiFi or cellular data
  • Access to the 3B or Luna QR app that works for both Apple and Android devices
  • 60-minute ramp time before the machine delivers your prescribed pressure levels
  • Automatic pressure adjusting to accommodate your lifestyle and body changes
  • Reslex® technology for pressure relief throughout the use of your therapy
  • Auto-start as soon as the mask is placed on your face
  • Auto-stop if the mask is removed or a leak is detected

Luna II Auto CPAP Machine Reviews

After reviewing the above features, the Luna II Auto CPAP machine includes reviews that make this device the ideal option for various CPAP patients.

Allergy Sufferers

Thanks to the built-in heated humidifier chamber, your sinuses and airways will have relief throughout the night, and you’ll wake up without the congestion.

New CPAP Users

If you’re searching for your first machine, the full-color LCD display makes it easy for you to:

  • Navigate the single-dial menu for machine settings
  • Access your therapy data
  • Easily select pressure settings and ramp time

Patients Who Require High-Pressure Settings

First, you have the option for a 60-minute ramp time before achieving your desired pressure level (most machines only allow for a 45-minute ramp time). Additionally, the manufacturer uses the Reslex® technology for expiratory pressure relief. It reduces bloating and cramping, increases normal breathing sensations, and allows easier exhalation throughout the night.

CPAP Users Looking for Convenience

This device makes comfort a top priority with its auto start/stop feature and the free app that allows you to monitor your therapy and send the results to your doctor.

Luna II Auto & Luna II QX Comparison

Now that you understand its features, how does it compare to the newer model on the market? Below is a comparison of the two devices to help you make the right purchase.


Both machines offer the same Luna look and feel with the display and device functions. Additionally, they both feature the Reslex® technology to provide pressure relief.


The Luna II QX machine features central sleep apnea (CSA) detection as the most significant difference between the two devices. This feature might be ideal for patients who frequently stop and start breathing throughout the night. Since both devices promote similar features, you can select the machine that fits your lifestyle and budget best.

How Does Luna II Compare to the Philips DreamStation Auto?

Because of the unexpected recall of Philips Respironics machines, you might be looking for a replacement option for your DreamStation Auto. You should consult your doctor if you need a machine change at this time.

If you’re advised to purchase another device, the most important differences between the Luna II Auto and the DreamStation Auto include:

Luna II Auto

  • No battery option
  • Includes mask leak detection
  • Extended ramp time of 60-minutes
  • The design includes a hose connection on the side of the machine

DreamStation Auto

  • No mask leak detection
  • 45-minute ramp time
  • The design includes a hose connection on top of the machine

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